60 HP Small Tractor
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60 HP Small Tractor

Luyu Loader was established in 2005 and has a new factory area of 180,000 square meters. It has modern office buildings and production workshops, 3 intelligent manufacturing lines, multi-functional laser cutting equipment, intelligent welding robots and many other integrated intelligent production equipment. The 60 HP Small tractor can be used for a variety of agricultural work and land management tasks. Although it is a small tractor, it has very powerful power and performance. At the same time, it is compact and not too bulky, and can work in many narrow environments. This is a hot-selling product, and prices for different configurations will vary. We will provide users with reasonable configurations, ensure competitive prices, and provide dealers with more support to help buyers increase market share and market share.

Model:60 HP

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Product Description

For farmers, tractors are an indispensable piece of equipment for daily work. Through continuous innovation by manufacturers, newly designed models have undergone many changes compared to previous models. Compared with large tractors, small tractors are more adaptable and more versatile. Tractors, as agriculture becomes more and more developed, the technology of tractors becomes higher and higher.

The 60 HP Small tractor is widely used in agriculture and is the most popular type among producers. If you want to buy a tractor, you need to weigh the following factors:

1. Work content: clarify the work content of the tractor. Different work contents require different attachments, such as farming, sowing, harvesting, transportation, etc.

2. Land size and type. Understand what type of land you will use the tractor on, as well as the size of the land. The 60HP is more adaptable and can complete the work tasks whether it is a large farm or a sloping land.

3. Control and driving. Farm operations generally require long hours of work, which is a test for the driver. There are usually 2-3 drivers working in turns. Considering the comfort of driving and the convenience of control, luyu machinery is very suitable for 60HP small tractor upgraded to provide more comfortable driving experience

4. Brand and manufacturer, when you know these clearly, you need to choose a good manufacturer. Some brands are expensive, but the machine service life and after-sales service will be very good. Luyu machinery provides users with the best prices and the most guaranteed product quality.

Product Specifications



LYT604 4WD Specification

Overall dimension (L × W × H)


3170×1500×2335 Roll bar top

Wheel base 



Regular wheel tread(front/rear)



Wheel tread(front/rear)


1210 1310/1105-1430

Min. weight



Standard Counterweight (Front/Rear)


Equipped with

Min. service ratio



Number of shift gears (forward/backward)


8+2 or 8+8

Max.theoretical design speed



Type of roll protection device


Roll bar or cabin

Engine power



Steering system type


hydraulic steering

Tyre Model (Front/Rear)



Hydraulic suspension system type



Type of suspension


Three-point rear suspension

Suspension Category


Category Ⅱ

Number of splines of PTO shaft


6 or 8

Standard speed of PTO shaft



The 60HP small tractor can be optional. You can choose an enclosed cab or a safety roll cage according to your needs. It can be equipped with tires of different specifications according to your land.

Product Features

Medium Power: The 60-horsepower compact tractor provides medium power, enough to perform a variety of agricultural tasks, including tilling, seeding, harvesting, transporting, and more.

Moderate Size: The 60HP compact tractor has a moderate size, making it suitable for different types of land and farm sizes, including small and medium-sized farms.

Versatility: 60-horsepower tractors can typically use a variety of attachments and tools, such as plows, rakes, mowers, excavators, and loaders, to meet the needs of different tasks.

Mobility: Relatively small in size and with a small turning radius, it is easy to maneuver in tight areas such as orchards and vineyards.

Economy: Compared with larger tractors, the purchase cost of a 60-horsepower small tractor is cheaper, and fuel and after-sales maintenance and repairs will also be more economical.

Easy operation: luyu machinery will provide operation manuals and operation videos to make it easy for operators to get started. Some models also offer driving comfort such as air conditioning and soundproofed cabs.

Fuel Efficiency: These tractors are generally designed to provide good fuel economy, helping to reduce operating costs.

Multi-speed transmission: 60-horsepower small tractors are often equipped with multi-speed transmission systems to meet the needs of different tasks and terrains.

Suitable for a variety of tasks: They are suitable for different types of agricultural tasks, from field tillage to transportation, from land clearing to road maintenance, making them very versatile.

Upgradeability: Some models allow you to upgrade and customize the tractor to meet specific needs, such as installing front-loading appliances or other special equipment.

Durability: 60 HP mini tractors are generally designed for long-term use and have a sturdy structure to withstand different types of work.

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