70 HP Small Tractor
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70 HP Small Tractor

The 70HP small tractor is one of the most cost-effective tractors and is suitable for farmers with medium-sized land. Luyu Machinery can provide hundreds of attachments to provide a series of solutions for agriculture. After the tractor has developed, the work content is not limited to agriculture. As a manufacturer, luyu has upgraded and adjusted the configuration of the 70HP small tractor. The functionality and comfort have been improved. In addition to agriculture, it can also meet the needs of garden maintenance, small projects, Greenhouse and other needs. Luyu machinery has 30+ patented products and independently developed more than 100 new types of equipment. It has won market reputation with high-quality products and cheap prices. Luyu machinery is open for dealers, bulk purchase of 70 HP small tractor, we will give the greatest.

Model:70 HP

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Product Description

The 70HP small tractor is a small tractor that can be equipped with rotary tillers, lawn mowers, balers, sprayers and other agricultural tools. It truly brings out the value of one machine with multiple functions. It adopts 8+2 gears and can be equipped with 8+8 gears, providing Greater flexibility and operating options allow operators to better adapt to different farmland and working conditions. Different gears allow the tractor to work at different speeds to improve work efficiency, save fuel and reduce wear and tear. When Luyu Machinery manufactured the 70HP small tractor, it took into account that farmers need to work for a long time, so it used strong structures and reliable parts to cope with the harsh conditions of farm work, making the machine more durable.

Product Specifications



LYT704 4WD Specification

Overall dimension (L × W × H)


3170×1500×2350 Roll bar top

Wheel base 



Regular wheel tread(front/rear)



Wheel tread(front/rear)


1210 1310/1105-1430

Min. weight



Standard Counterweight (Front/Rear)


Equipped with

Min. service ratio



Number of shift gears (forward/backward)


8+2 or 8+8

Max.theoretical design speed



Type of roll protection device


Roll bar or cabin

Engine power



Steering system type


hydraulic steering

Tyre Model (Front/Rear)



Hydraulic suspension system type



Type of suspension


Three-point rear suspension

Suspension Category



Number of splines of PTO shaft


6 or 8

Standard speed of PTO shaft



The specification data of the 70 HP small tractor has been adjusted, and the functionality and comfort have been improved. In addition to agriculture, it can also meet the requirements of lawn maintenance, engineering operations, small farms, gardening, greenhouses and other operations, making the operation more comfortable and convenient.

Product accessories

Plow: Used for plowing and preparing soil for planting.

Seeder: Used to sow different types of crops, such as wheat, soybeans, corn, and vegetables.

Harvester: Used to harvest mature crops such as wheat, soybeans, rice, corn, and cotton.

Fertilizer Spreader: Used for fertilization to provide the necessary nutrients for plants.

Sprayer: Used to spray insecticides, herbicides, and other pesticides to protect crops from pests and weeds.

Irrigation Equipment: can be connected to a tractor to provide water sources to meet the irrigation needs of plants.

Backhoe: used for land clearing and excavation tasks, such as building drainage systems and cleaning ponds.

Mower: used for trimming grasslands and lawns, maintaining pastures and gardens.

Harrow: used to level the surface of soil and improve soil structure.

Bulldozer: used for land leveling and cleaning, suitable for construction and civil engineering.

Loader: Used for loading and unloading goods, such as moving agricultural products from one location to another.

Trencher: used for excavating ditches, suitable for drainage engineering and cable installation.

These are some common attachments that farmers can choose according to their work needs. The 70HP small tractor has enough power to apply these attachments.

Product Application

Plowing: Used to plow, dig and drag land to prepare the soil for growing crops.

Sowing: Attached to a seeder, used to sow seeds evenly in tilled soil.

Harvesting: Used with a harvester to harvest mature crops such as wheat, soybeans, rice, corn and cotton.

Fertilizer: Use a fertilizer spreader or sprayer to provide your crops with the nutrients they need.

Irrigation: Make sure your plants get enough water by connecting them to irrigation equipment.

Grass maintenance: Use a grass cutter to cut grass and clean pastures and lawns.

Land Leveling: Use a rake or bulldozer to level the land surface and improve soil texture.

Weeding: Keep your crops healthy by removing weeds from your fields by attaching a weed eater.

Ranch Work: Used for ranch management tasks such as moving hay, cleaning barns and operating feeding equipment.

Land Clearing: Used to clear farm land, including weeding, clearing debris, and digging drainage systems.

Construction: Can be used for light construction work such as digging trenches, leveling ground and moving building materials.

Transportation: Can be used to transport agricultural products, goods and equipment, such as transporting harvested crops or feed.

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