60HP Small Tractor
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60HP Small Tractor

Luyu International is a comprehensive engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise that possesses both engineering machinery manufacturing capabilities and sales and after-sales service capabilities for engineering machinery. Luyu International can not only design, develop, and produce various types of engineering machinery and equipment. For example, tractors, excavators, etc., these products can also be directly sold to customers, providing after-sales service and support. Can better control product quality, provide comprehensive customer support, and better meet your machine needs.

Model: 60HP

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Product Description

The 60HP Small tractor of Luyu Heavy Industry has excellent performance in various fields. It is very popular among farmers for its flexibility, high cost performance and low cost. When we buy the 60HP Small tractor, what can we help you in the agricultural field?

1. Land plowing and cultivation: The 60HP Small tractor can be used for land plowing and cultivation, such as using plows, rotary tillers, or excavation tools. It can help farmers prepare soil and create a suitable environment for crop cultivation.

2. Seeding and Planting: The 60HP Small tractor can be equipped with a seeder, planter, or transplanting machine for fast and effective planting of plants. They can complete the planting journey in the field and improve planting efficiency.

3. Spraying pesticides and fertilizing: The 60HP Small tractor can be used to install sprayers and fertilizers for spraying pesticides and fertilizing, which helps protect crops from diseases and pests and provides the necessary nutrients.

4. Harvesting and harvesting: Although the horsepower of the 60HP Small tractor is relatively small, it can be used to harvest small crops such as wheat, soybeans, corn, etc. Appropriate harvesting equipment and accessories can be used in conjunction with these tractors to complete harvesting work. 

5.Transportation and Handling: The 60HP Small Tractor can be used for short distance transportation and handling within or near farms. It can tow trailers, transport goods, or move agricultural equipment, providing a simple and effective logistics solution.

Product parameters

Overall dimension (LⅹW×H)

3170×1500×2335mm( Roll bar top)

Wheel base  


Regular wheel tread(front/rear)   


Wheel tread(front/rear)  


Min weight   


Standard Counterweight(Front/Rear) 

Equipped with

Min service ratio   


Number of shift gears(forward/backward)  

8+2 or 8+8

Max theoretical design speed 


Type of roll protection device 

Roll bar or cabin

Engine power  

44. 1kw@2300rpm

Steering system type   

hydraulic steeringre

Tyre Model(Front/Rear)  


Hydraulic suspension system type 


Type of suspension  

three-point rear suspension

Suspension Category 

Category II

Number of splines of PTO shaft 


Standard speed of Pto shaft   


The size of the 60HP Small Tractor is 3170 * 1500 * 2335mm. We will also provide you with various accessories to choose from. Once you have clarified your job responsibilities, you can contact us and send it to our technical team. We will recommend the most suitable selection and configuration for you.

Product advantages

1. Flexibility and maneuverability: It is relatively lightweight, with a smaller size and turning radius, making it easier to operate and control in narrow or complex spaces such as farmland, orchards, or vegetable gardens.

2. Multifunctionality: Although the power is small, the 60HP Small tractor still has a certain degree of versatility and can be used for agricultural tasks such as tillage, sowing, fertilization, pesticide spraying, and harvesting small crops. For some small farms or specific agricultural operations, this power level is completely sufficient.

3. Fuel efficiency: Compared to higher power tractors. 60HP Small tractor requires less fuel, making them more competitive in terms of economic benefits, especially for small farms or small-scale agricultural operators.

4. Low cost: Small tractors have lower procurement and maintenance costs, and their parts and maintenance costs are relatively small, making them suitable for the budget of small-scale farms or agricultural owners.

5. Adaptability: Small tractors can adapt to different types of terrain and soil conditions. Can work in different agricultural environments, including mountains, slopes, and uneven terrain.

Product Details

The 60HP Small Tractor is equipped with a deeper tire pattern, providing more areas for the rubber surface to contact the ground, increasing the friction between the tires and the ground, thereby improving the tractor's grip. This is crucial for driving and operating on uneven or slippery surfaces, preventing tire slip, providing better traction and control capabilities.

The hood has a large opening and closing angle, which means it is more convenient to open or close the engine hood of the 60HP Small tractor. This design provides better accessibility and allows staff to easily enter the engine compartment for repair, maintenance, and inspection work. This can save time and cost, and improve maintenance efficiency.

High quality anti roll frame can provide protection in the event of a 60HP Small tractor overturning or rolling, prevent the tractor from overturning or crushing the driver, prevent the body from collapsing and deforming, maintain a relatively stable space, provide a sturdy protective mechanism for the driver, and reduce the risk of injury.

The comfortable seats of the 60HP Small tractor can provide good support and cushioning effects, reducing the fatigue of long-term driving. Tractors are usually used in harsh environments such as farmland or construction sites, and drivers need to sit in their seats for long periods of time. Therefore, comfortable seats can provide a better driving experience and comfort. Make drivers more focused and focused on their work, improving work efficiency and productivity.

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