LY910 Compact Wheel Loader
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LY910 Compact Wheel Loader

There are many names for wheel loaders: Front-end loader, Payloader, Shovel loader, etc. There is no difference in essence. Compact wheel loader is a small device, because of its strong mobility and reasonable price, it is loved by the majority of users. LY910 Compact wheel loader is mostly used in gardens, small works, urban construction, etc. Wheel loaders use booms to raise and lower buckets, which can easily lift soil, gravel, sand, coal, wood chips, and more. Due to the use of tires, there will be no damage to the road and high mobility. Wheel loaders come in different sizes and can be used for different types of work. Large wheel loaders may not be suitable for all jobs, and sometimes compact wheel loaders are more powerful than you think.

Model: LY910

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Product Description

LY910 compact wheel loader provides customers with the lowest cost material handling capacity and high operability. You can use this machine to complete more tasks in the shortest time. The power of compact wheel loader is the fastest when customers need to buy wheel loader Focusing on the specifications, luyu loader equips LY910 with a Yunnei engine according to the user's usage habits and suggestions. It has strong power, high performance and low fuel consumption to help users complete the most challenging tasks. The 0.4m³bucket allows the LY910 compact wheel loader to have a high bucket capacity, making it more efficient to work in garden, construction, agriculture and other industrial applications. The articulated wheel loader provides flexibility and high maneuverability for steering, and can efficiently complete work requirements in narrow working environments. snow blower, grapple, pallet fork, broom or other attachment to increase your versatility, work smarter, and accomplish even more.

Product Specifications




Yunnei Euro V DEF20CHF4



Rated speed

2400 (rev/min)

Drive axle

Isuzu air narrow axle

drive mode

Torque Converter


drum brake


31*15.3-15 Herringbone

Length*width*height mm


Unloading height(mm)/distance (mm)/discharging angle(°)


Minimum ground clearance (mm)


Turning radius (mm)


Driving speed

19 km/h

Wheel base (mm)


Wheel tread (mm)


Weight (kg)


Maximum Lifting Weight (Kg)


Bucket width(mm)


Rated bucket capacity(m3)


hydraulic system pressure(Mpa)


The specifications of LY910 compact wheel loader will be adjusted according to the working environment of different users. Choosing the wheel loader that suits you can save you more costs

Product Application

LY910 Compact wheel loader is a small but powerful loader. Its small size and excellent maneuverability can be well adapted to some narrow spaces or places that require flexible operation.

Application on urban construction sites: Since urban construction sites are often limited by space, LY910 compact wheel loaders are widely used in these places, because LY910 compact wheel loader is smaller in size and compact in size, and the space in urban construction sites is limited It is easier to operate and maneuver in the environment. In terms of handling efficiency, LY910 compact wheel loader also has advantages over other products of the same type. It has good carrying capacity and handling capacity, and effectively solves the problem of expensive labor costs.

Application of road maintenance and construction: LY910 compact wheel loader is favored by the majority of users for its high-efficiency operation. Road maintenance and construction have relatively high timeliness requirements. Large wheel loaders cannot handle all these tasks, and sometimes compact wheel loaders are needed. Assisted, they adapt to narrow roads and restrictive workspaces, turning, pivoting and backing up with ease. Quickly load, carry and stack various materials such as gravel, sand, asphalt and more. Efficient work speeds up the road construction and maintenance process.

Applications in farms and livestock farms: easily adapt to small livestock houses, narrow passages and uneven land for flexible operation and mobility, LY910 compact wheel loaders are usually equipped with a variety of working tools and attachments, such as buckets , wishbone, bulldozing blade, etc. They can be used for loading and moving feed, manure, crops and livestock feed, and can also be used for a variety of tasks such as cleaning livestock houses and arranging haystacks. Simple operation, reducing training time and operation difficulty

Horticulture and landscaping application: In terms of gardening, compact wheel loader is the most widely used, and it is one of the important tools that can improve work efficiency, protect the landscape environment, and promote the smooth progress of gardening and landscaping projects. When most users buy a wheel loader, they will match some attachments, such as buckets, wishbones, bulldozers, etc. It is used for moving and installing plants, soil, stone and decorative materials, and can also perform tasks such as terrain preparation, site clearing and greening construction. At the same time, due to the small size and lightweight design of the LY910 compact wheel loader, it can well reduce the pressure on the ground and reduce the risk of damage to the lawn and delicate ground

Product Details

1. LY910 compact wheel loader can be equipped with quick-change devices, and we can provide hundreds of attachments to maximize the use of your machine and become a real multi-purpose machine

2.Enclosed cab is what we consider very important to ensure driver's comfort and efficient production throughout the day

3. The articulated wheel loader provides flexible performance and high maneuverability, allowing easy obstacle navigation and efficient work in workplaces with limited space.

4.LY910 compact wheel loader optional engine, meet euro V emission standard, keep the machine in good working condition without reducing working hours

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