908C Compact Wheel Loader
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908C Compact Wheel Loader

Due to the increasingly expensive labor costs, Luyu loader, as one of the most powerful manufacturers of construction machinery in China, has specially developed a compact wheel loader for users in Europe and the United States. The 908C adopts a European appearance design and meets the euro V emission standard , small and flexible, full-featured, can be used for handling and loading and unloading. On the farm, it can be used for agricultural work, leveling the land, cleaning livestock houses, etc. In the field of gardens, it can be used to carry plants or flowers, lawns. The 908C compact wheel loader is used in a variety of fields, especially where handling and loading in confined spaces is required.

Model: 908C

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Product Description

Wheel loaders are basically divided into the following types: compact wheel loader, small wheel loader, Medium wheel loader, Large wheel loader.

The 908C model manufactured by Luyu loader belongs to the compact wheel loader. In the face of repetitive, high-intensity and automated tasks, the compact wheel loader can be a good substitute for manual labor. Due to the compact size of the 908C compact wheel loader, compared with other large loaders, the 908C will be more flexible in narrow work sites, and even some indoor work can be done. In terms of operation, the compact wheel loader has excellent maneuverability and operability, and the driver can easily control the steering and movement to improve efficiency. The attachments of the 908C can be quickly replaced, and with a variety of attachments, it can be adapted to a variety of tasks, such as loading, handling, bulldozing, leveling the ground, and grabbing objects. The 908C is specially equipped with a comfortable cab, which provides a good view and operating environment, and reduces operator fatigue. The cab adopts a custom-made frame structure as a whole, which is stronger and safer.

If you decide to buy wheel loader, usually, the price of compact wheel loader will be lower, which is very competitive in price, which can effectively reduce your investment risk. If you are a dealer and want to buy wheel loader in bulk, 908C is a good choice with acheap price. One 40HQ can ship 4 units, which is convenient for transportation.

Product Specifications

Rated bucket capacity


Hopper width


Rated load


Total weight


Engine type

ChangChai 390Q

Power of engine


Dumping height


Dumping reach


Minimum ground clearance


Minimun Turning


Unloading angle






Distance between axles


Distance between wheels


Transmission assembly

240 Integrated Single High-Speed Gear Box



Maximum fuel consumption


Please note that 908C compact wheel loader product specifications will be adjusted according to different customer needs, our technical experts will give you the best advice, you can contact us for the latest wheel loader price

Product Features

1. Working weight: The working weight of 908C compact wheel loader is 800kg, which is suitable for light loading and handling tasks. It can be used to carry and load light materials, soil, sand, bricks, etc.

2. Maneuverability and maneuverability: 35°steering angle can walk freely in narrow fields, and the smaller size makes it easier for the operator to operate and steer in a small space, perform precise actions, and improve work efficiency.

3. Versatility: 908C compact wheel loader can choose a variety of attachments:

Bucket:The loading bucket is the most basic accessory used for loading and handling materials. It can have different capacities and shapes, such as flat bottom bucket, V-shaped bucket or coal bucket, to suit different types of materials.

Pallet Forks:Pallet fork attachments are commonly used for handling and loading and unloading pallets of goods. They provide a more stable and secure method of moving goods and are suitable for use in the warehouse, logistics and freight industries.

Clamp:Clamp attachments are available for grabbing and holding materials such as wood, pipes, metal beams and more. They provide flexible material handling solutions for applications in areas such as construction, woodworking and metalworking.

Stone Grapple:The stone clamp attachment is designed for handling stone, rock and bulk materials. With their high grip and stability, they are suitable for use in the ore mining, construction and stone processing industries.

Dozer Blade:Dozer blade attachments are used to level ground, remove obstructions and level job sites. They are commonly used in road construction, site preparation and clearing tasks.

Snow Blade:The snow shovel attachment is designed for clearing snow and ice. They are commonly used in areas such as snow sweeping, winter road maintenance and airports.

4.Convenient maintenance: 908C compact wheel loader is very user-friendly in design, easy to maintain and maintain, the inspection and repair of key components can effectively reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Product Details

1.Adjustable suspension seat, better ventilation and more comfortable

2.Embedded climbing ladder, ergonomic, save space and avoid bumps

3.Using Changchai 390Q, Euro V emission engine, economical and fuel-efficient, compact structure, small size, light weight, good dynamic performance, small vibration, low noise and good reliability

4.The rear hood is opened at a large angle, making maintenance and repair more convenient

5.Equipped with a quick change device to quickly and easily switch between multiple attachments

6.Configure the reversing image on the right

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