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Product Application

Wheel Loader

A wheel loader is a type of heavy-duty machinery used in earthmoving, construction, and material handling. Luyu Machinery mainly produces small wheel loaders, which are mainly used at construction sites to transport materials and clean up garbage. Small earthworks, farms, gardens, road maintenance, small mines or sandfields, etc.

Mini Excavator

The mini excavator produced by luyu machinery is a small, compact excavating mechanical equipment, usually used for various engineering and construction tasks, especially suitable for small spaces and smaller scale work, mainly used in construction sites, small-scale earthmoving Engineering, horticulture and landscape engineering, agriculture, urban maintenance, etc.

Backhoe Loader

The Backhoe Loader has a loading bucket and backhoe device, allowing it to operate in both directions, front and rear. It can be used to excavate, load, carry and distribute a variety of construction materials, handle soil, gravel and rock, road construction, foundation works and drainage projects etc. The applications of backhoe loaders go far beyond this and are suitable for various industries and fields.

Telescopic Wheel Loader

The Telescopic Wheel Loader has a retractable arm and loading bucket, allowing it to telescope vertically and horizontally up to several meters in various application scenarios. It is commonly used on construction sites, earthworks, cargo handling, stacking and distribution, handling feed, agricultural products and Agricultural timber for a variety of tasks requiring height and distance operation

Wheel Excavator

Wheeled excavators are one of the main products of luyu machinery. They are widely used in various construction, earthmoving and excavation tasks. They can be used to transport wood, clear forest land and unload wood. They can also be used to clear snowdrifts, repair roads and maintain Drainage systems and maintenance of road facilities. They are very useful in city maintenance.


After the tractor has been upgraded, it is not only used in agriculture, but also has a wide range of functions in other fields, such as transporting wood, digging ponds, road maintenance, etc.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self Loading Concrete Mixer is often used at construction sites for on-site concrete production. It can automatically mix cement, sand, aggregate and water according to a specific formula, and then transport the concrete to where it is needed. It plays an important role in various construction and infrastructure projects. They provide a convenient, efficient and quality-controlled way of supplying concrete, helping to speed up the construction process and improve construction quality.

Crawler Dumper

The Crawler Dumper is suitable for working in complex, rugged terrain and harsh environments, transporting and unloading construction materials such as soil, gravel, sand, concrete and gravel


They have a wide range of applications in both industrial and commercial sectors, for loading and unloading, stacking, distributing and storing goods.

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