5 Ton Crawler Dumper
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5 Ton Crawler Dumper

Luyu Heavy Industry is a professional construction machinery manufacturer in China, focusing on the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality tracked transport vehicles. Among them, 5 Ton Crawler Dumper is a hot product of Luyu Heavy Industry. Luyu Heavy Industry has advanced production equipment and technical team, and is committed to providing customers with reliable, durable and powerful crawler transportation solutions. Vehicles can be customized according to customer requirements and needs to meet the needs of various application scenarios.

Model: 5 Ton

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Product Description

As a popular model, the 5 Ton Crawler Dumper has the advantages of strong passability, large load bearing capacity, high stability, strong traction force and good suspension system. This makes them ideal for transporting heavy goods and equipment in a variety of harsh conditions.

1. Excellent passing ability: The tracked transport vehicle uses the tracked transport system as a drive device, enabling it to travel in complex terrain and harsh environments. With better passing performance, it can cross mud, sand, snow and rough terrain, and can even climb steeper ramps. This makes the crawler transporter very useful in fields, construction sites, military operations and other situations where obstacles need to be crossed.

2. High carrying capacity: The 5 Ton Crawler Dumper is usually designed to transport heavy goods and equipment, so it has a high carrying capacity. Compared with wheeled transport vehicles of the same weight, tracked transport vehicles can more effectively distribute and bear weight, reduce the impact on the ground, and thus protect the transport of goods.

3. Stability and smoothness: The track system provides a larger ground area, making the track carrier more stable on the uneven ground. The 5 Ton Crawler Dumper is able to maintain a low center of gravity and reduce tilts and bumps caused by uneven terrain. This is especially important when transporting fragile or sensitive goods, reducing the risk of damage.

4. Good traction: The tracked transporter is equipped with a powerful drive system, which can improve the high traction. This allows them to easily drag heavy loads or equipment, even on low friction or sliding surfaces. When it is necessary to work on smooth or slippery ground, the traction of tracked transporters is unmatched by wheeled transporters.

5. Good suspension: The 5 Ton Crawler Dumper is equipped with an efficient suspension system that reduces vibration and turbulence during driving. This is very beneficial for improving ride comfort and reducing the risk of damage to the goods being transported.

Product parameter

Overall dimension


Container size


Engine type


Track type


Starting mode

Electric starting 24V

Rated deadweight


Gear position


Angle of climb






Bossing wheel

306 Bearing weighted steel wheel 16+4

Self-discharging method

Hydraulic double top

Battery capacity


Crawler transporters play an important role in the agricultural sector and are widely used in different aspects of agricultural production, providing farmers with many key benefits. It can improve agricultural production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, create more convenience and opportunities, and promote the modernization of agriculture.

1. Terrain adaptability: The terrain in the agricultural field is usually uneven and may include mud and fields, sandy areas or rugged mountains. The 5 Ton Crawler Dumper's track system ADAPTS to a variety of terrain to provide better traction and pass performance. They can travel on slippery or soft ground and are not easy to sink or slide, allowing farmers to operate in a variety of terrain conditions.

2. Load capacity: 5 Ton Crawler Dumper has a strong load capacity and can carry a large number of agricultural products, pesticides, fertilizers or other agricultural appliances. This is especially useful for large-scale farms or farmers who need to transport large quantities of produce. Crawler transporter has strong stability and compressive resistance, and can withstand heavy loads.

3. Stability and balance: The tracked transporter has a lower center of gravity and a wide contact area, so it is more stable during driving. This is important when driving on uneven terrain or carrying large amounts of cargo. Track systems can provide better traction and anti-slip performance, reduce bumps and vibrations, and protect the safety of produce and equipment.

4. Protect soil quality: 5 Ton Crawler Dumper's crawler system distributes the load and reduces the concentration of pressure on the ground. In contrast, wheeled transport vehicles can create greater pressure on slippery fields, resulting in soil compaction and damage. Crawler transporters reduce soil damage, protecting soil quality and the sustainability of farmland.

5. Versatility: The 5 Ton Crawler Dumper can be customized and modified as needed to suit different farming tasks. For example, containers, tanks, or sprinklers can be installed on a tracked transport vehicle to transport and spray pesticides or fertilizers. Crawler transporters can also be used as mobile workstations for farmers to carry out maintenance, inspection or management work in the field.

Crawler transporter has many advantages in the field of agriculture, such as terrain adaptability, load capacity, stability, soil quality protection and versatility. It provides farmers with a powerful, reliable and efficient tool to help them carry out operations and transportation tasks in a variety of complex farm environments.

Product details

The thickened rubber track design can better resist the cutting and piercing of sharp objects in farmland and other complex road conditions, and reduce the damage caused by stones, roots or other sharp objects. In addition, the surface texture design of the rubber track can provide better grip. Maintain stability and control of the tracked transporter on muddy, slippery or uneven ground.

Tracked transport vehicles will be shaken and impacted when driving on uneven ground, which may cause discomfort or even injury to the driver's body. The 5 Ton Crawler Dumper is equipped with a shock absorption system, which can effectively reduce the vibration and impact force transmitted by the seat to the driver, providing a more stable and comfortable driving experience.

Enable the driver to concentrate on the operation of the tracked transporter, improve concentration and reflexes, and reduce the risk of operational error.

The 5 Ton Crawler Dumper is equipped with high quality lighting that provides a bright, uniform lighting effect, giving the driver a better view at night or in low light environments. It helps drivers clearly see the road ahead, obstacles and other vehicles, improving the safety and accuracy of driving. Adequate lighting can provide enough light, which can improve work efficiency and reduce errors and delays.

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