3 Ton Crawler Dumper
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3 Ton Crawler Dumper

Many people do not understand the crawler transporter, feel that this is not a practical enough construction machinery. As a professional construction machinery manufacturer in China, Luyu Heavy Industry can take you to understand what is a tracked transporter from a professional perspective. The 3 Ton Crawler Dumper is a purpose-built transport vehicle that uses a track as a traction device. They are designed to transport goods in harsh terrain conditions and areas where roads are not feasible, such as swamps, snow, deserts or rugged mountains. 3 Ton Crawler Dumper has large traction and passability, and can deal with a variety of complex terrain and environment.

Model: 3 Ton

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Product Description

The 3 Ton Crawler Dumper produced and designed by Lu Yu Heavy Industry has a track system similar to other tracked vehicles, consisting of a series of metal plates and rollers, which are connected together by hinges. Equipped with a powerful engine and drivetrain to provide enough power and torque to propel the movement of the track chain. The crawler transporter's track system distributes the load and provides better traction, enabling it to travel in difficult terrain conditions. The 3 Ton Crawler Dumper produced by Luyu Heavy Industry has reliable quality, short production cycle and fast delivery.

The design of the tracked transporter can vary according to the specific use and needs. Some tracked transporters are specifically designed to transport heavy equipment, machinery, or military equipment, while others are designed to transport goods, materials, or personnel. They have a large load capacity and stability, and can be equipped with suitable platforms, boxes or cargo boxes to meet different transportation needs.Tracked transporters are widely used in military, construction, mining and rescue fields. They are capable of providing reliable transport capability in harsh terrain and environments, providing a robust and reliable solution for transport tasks.

Product parameter

Overall dimension


Container size


Engine type


Track type


Starting mode

Electric starting 24V

Rated deadweight


Gear position


Angle of climb






Bossing wheel

205 Bearing steel wheel 16+4

Self-discharging method

Hydraulic pressure

Battery capacity


3 Ton Crawler Dumper can choose to install electric crane equipment for lifting and handling of goods. If you have defined your work, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, we will recommend the most suitable selection and configuration for you.

Product characteristics

1. Strong traction force: 3 Ton Crawler Dumper adopts a track as a traction device, which has a large contact area and traction force. This allows them to provide strong traction in harsh terrain conditions such as rough, mud, snow or desert, able to overcome various drag and terrain obstacles.

2. Excellent passability: Due to the characteristics of the track, the 3 Ton Crawler Dumper has excellent passability. They can travel in uneven, rugged or roadless areas, such as mountains, swamps, forests or grasslands. The track system can adapt to different terrain, providing better traction and stability.

3. Strong pressure resistance: The 3 Ton Crawler Dumper's track system reduces the concentration of ground pressure by distributing the load. In contrast, wheeled transporters may easily fall into or generate greater pressure on weak or loose ground. Crawler transporters are highly resistant to pressure, providing better protection when ground structures or sensitive areas need to be protected.

4. Adapt to complex environment: 3 Ton Crawler Dumper can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh conditions. They are capable of operating in extreme temperatures, high altitudes, desert dust or harsh climatic conditions, and have strong adaptability.

5. High stability: The low center of gravity and wide contact area of 3 Ton Crawler Dumper give them high stability. This makes them more stable and safe when carrying heavy loads or traveling on uneven terrain.

Product details

The 3 Ton Crawler Dumper has a thickened rubber track, which has higher wear resistance and damage resistance than ordinary tracks. It can better resist friction, scratching and impact, and extend the service life of the track. This is particularly important for tracked transporters that often work in harsh or rugged terrain conditions.

The bright body colors improve the visibility of the 3 Ton Crawler Dumper in complex road and work environments, which helps other drivers, pedestrians and workers to more easily notice the presence of the crawler transporter, reducing the risk of accidents. Of course, we also provide you with color customization, specific body colors can be used for fleet identification and brand promotion, through a unified color, to enhance the brand image and recognition.

3 Ton Crawler Dumper adopts the design of tipping bucket after self-unloading, which can quickly dump goods and realize efficient unloading operation. Through the control system, the rear dump can be quickly dumped, so that the goods can be quickly unloaded to the target position, saving time and labor costs. Whether in construction sites, mines, ports or other places where frequent unloading is required, the rear tip can easily dump the goods to the required location.

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