928F Mini Wheel Loader
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928F Mini Wheel Loader

Lu Yu Machinery is a professional manufacturer engaged in loader manufacturing. We are committed to the design, production and sale of high quality, reliable loader products to meet the needs of customers in various industries.

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Product Description

We provide multiple models and specifications of loaders to meet the different needs of customers, 928F mini wheel loader is a load of 3 tons, can be applied to different work scenarios and application fields, 3 tons wheel loader is a common construction machinery equipment, mainly used for material handling and loading work.

1. Material handling: The 3-ton wheel loader is mainly used for loading various materials, such as soil, gravel, sand, gravel, construction waste, etc. The 928F mini wheel loader can load these materials from the stacking area or unloading site onto trucks, transport vehicles or construction equipment for efficient material handling.

2. Stacking and stacking height: wheel loaders can stack materials in piles to save space and facilitate storage. The 928F mini wheel loader can stack materials to a certain height and evenly distribute the materials in the stacking area through the rotation function.

3. Excavation and leveling: The 928F mini wheel loader can also carry out light excavation and leveling work. It can be used for shallow excavation work, such as digging ditches or troughs, or leveling work, such as correcting uneven areas of the surface.

4. Road cleaning: The loader can install a broom attachment for road and site cleaning work, 928F mini wheel loader can remove construction waste. Dust and other debris to keep the site clean and safe.

The 3-ton wheel loader has a large loading capacity and unloading height, which can complete the material handling task quickly and efficiently. The loading bucket of the 928F mini wheel loader has a large capacity and can load a large amount of materials at one time to improve work efficiency. The 928F mini wheel loader adopts wheel drive, which has good maneuverability and can drive and turn flexibly in narrow construction sites and complex terrain conditions, and adapt to different engineering environments. The operation of the loader is relatively simple, requiring only familiarity with basic levers and buttons. The operator can quickly get started, master the operation skills, and adjust the position and Angle of the loading bucket to achieve accurate loading and unloading. Wheel loaders can be equipped with various accessories and tools according to the needs of the work, such as shovels, forks, brooms, etc., to cope with different work tasks. This increases the versatility and applicability of the 928F mini wheel loader, enabling it to have a wide range of applications in different industries and projects.

Product parameter

Bucket capacity

0.45 m³

Bucket width

1900 mm


1600 kg

Total weight

3275 kg

Engine type


Overall size

5590*1910*2740 mm

Dumping height

3200 mm

Minimum ground clearance

210 mm

Minimumturning radius

4150 mm



The overall size of the 928F mini wheel loader is 5590*1910*2740 mm, the rated load is 1600kg, compared with other tons of wheel loaders, 928F mini wheel loader has the advantage of smaller size and weight. This makes it more flexible and maneuverable in tight worksites or limited operating Spaces. The 928F mini wheel loader can easily navigate through narrow passageways, doorways or corners, adapting to a variety of work environments. Wheel loaders are smaller in size and have better maneuverability. The flexibility to turn, steer and adjust direction makes it easier to operate in small worksites. In addition, its small turning radius makes it easier to turn in tight areas. It requires less power and relatively low energy consumption for the drive system, thus reducing energy consumption and operating costs. The 3-ton wheel loader has a wide range of applicability in various engineering projects, and the 928F mini wheel loader can be used in small construction sites, road construction, agricultural fields, warehousing and logistics and other industries. It can perform smaller material handling and loading tasks and adapt to different work needs. Compared to larger tonnage loaders, the 928F mini wheel loader has a relatively affordable price, which makes it ideal for small engineering projects or users with limited budgets.

Luyu Machinery's construction machinery can also provide comprehensive customized services for loaders to meet customer specific needs and work scenarios, we have always experienced design team and engineer team, they have a wide range of industry knowledge and professional skills, they have a wide range of industry knowledge and professional skills, can specify unique customized solutions according to customer requirements. We pay attention to product details, from the function and configuration of the loader to the appearance design, every aspect has been carefully considered and customized, we can adjust the size and shape of the bucket rod according to your needs, select different types of working tools for the 928F mini wheel loader, and carry out special painting and identification. To ensure that the loader performs best practices in the customer's work scenario.

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