How to replace the air filter in Wheel loader?


The air filter element is very important to the wheel loader. It has the functions of filtering the air, protecting the engine, maintaining combustion efficiency and maintaining other systems. Its quality directly affects the service life of the engine. A good filter element should also have a good quality. Filtration efficiency, longer service life, less downtime costs and fuel savings. Therefore, regular inspection and replacement of the air filter are important steps to ensure the normal operation of the wheel loader. For other maintenance tasks of the wheel loader, the replacement of the air filter element is simpler and more convenient, and has great ease of maintenance.

1. Open the rear hood and find the air filter element.

2.Unscrew the screws on the air filter cover.

3.Use a wrench to unscrew the screw on the air filter element and remove the air filter element.

4.Put the new air filter element in, pay attention to the direction of the filter element, do not put it upside down, cover the air filter cover, with the dustproof port facing down, and tighten the screws!


Depending on the usage environment and operating conditions, the frequency of air filter replacement may change. Regular replacement of the filter element will help ensure the reliability, performance and lifespan of the wheel loader.