Wheel loader maintenance tips


As an important piece of engineering machinery, the wheel loader plays a vital role in normal operation. In order to ensure the reliability, safety and lifespan of the wheel loader, regular maintenance is indispensable. As As a professional wheel loader manufacturer, we have a deep understanding of the importance of wheel loader maintenance. We know that regular maintenance can prevent failures, extend the service life of the loader, and ensure that it always maintains optimal performance. In this article, we will share some key manufacturer-recommended steps and suggestions to help you better understand and perform wheel loader maintenance.

1. Luyu Machinery recommends that you keep the habit of checking around the machine before starting it up, and check whether there are any loose or leaky parts in the engine parts and accessories. If loose or leaky faults are found, they should be rectified in time, otherwise it may cause major equipment failure and cause economic losses.

2. Regularly checking whether the engine oil is sufficient can effectively ensure the normal use of the equipment. When the oil level is lower than the oil dipstick scale, please add Luyu Diesel engine oil to the specified range in time. Remember to check after parking for 15 minutes.

3.Regularly checking the engine's water level is an important step in extending the service life of the loader. If it is insufficient, please add Luyu antifreeze. Please do not mix different antifreezes, as this can easily cause corrosion of related components.

4.The engine's water-oil separator can effectively remove moisture from diesel and regularly discharge oil and water sediments, which can effectively reduce engine injector wear and stuck and increase fuel consumption, and prevent the engine from being unable to start.

Regular inspections of your excavator can catch problems early. Extended service life. Providing safety and productivity, an important step in the effective management and maintenance of loaders. Helps maintain loader reliability and performance and ensures safe and efficient operations.

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