How to replace antifreeze in wheel loader?


Whether in severe winter or cold high altitude areas, wheel loaders need appropriate antifreeze protection during operation. Antifreeze is a vital component of the loader system, which can effectively prevent liquid In the case of low temperature freezing, expansion and damage to equipment, however, antifreeze will gradually lose its antifreeze properties over time, so regular replacement of antifreeze is one of the necessary steps to maintain the normal operation of the wheel loader.

As a professional wheel loader manufacturer in China, we will provide you with a detailed antifreeze replacement guide to ensure that you can perform this critical maintenance task correctly and safely.

First we need to open the water tank cover, find the engine and water tank drain ports, open them at the same time, and wait for the water to drain out.


After the water is drained, we tighten the switch and then add antifreeze from the water filling port of the water tank.

Start the vehicle and let the antifreeze circulate in the engine body for a while, then top up the antifreeze again.

Warm reminder: when adding antifreeze, do not mix different antifreezes, as this will easily cause related components to rust. We recommend you use Luyu Heavy Industry's multi-effect antifreeze! Under normal circumstances, antifreeze should be selected that is about 10 degrees lower than the winter temperature of the current season. For an environment of about minus 30 degrees, we can choose an antifreeze with a freezing point of about minus 45 degrees.

Therefore, proper selection and replacement of antifreeze is crucial for the wheel loader's cooling system. It can protect the engine from freezing, corrosion, and overheating, extend the service life of the loader, and ensure that it can function in cold winters. normal operation.