LYB-388 Center-pivot Backhoe Loader
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LYB-388 Center-pivot Backhoe Loader

Luyu loader is the most potential construction machinery manufacturer and supplier in China. Luyu loader independently designs and develops more than 100 new products to meet the needs of users and provide users with one-stop service. Help users open up the market with high quality and cheap price, reduce the buyer's capital risk and investment cost, LYB-388 Center-pivot Backhoe loader is one of the latest researched and developed equipment, its performance is 20% higher than other brands, and it has good performance Maneuverability, stability and handling that count in any work environment.

Model: LYB-388

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Product Description

Backhoe loader is a construction machine used for excavation work on various terrains. It is also commonly known as a backhoe loader, excavator, loader, or front loader. LYB-388 Center-pivot Backhoe loader is a medium loader with a weight of about 2.5 tons. It adopts a center slewing structure with a loading hopper and a backward dumping hopper. The loader is usually composed of cab, engine, hydraulic system, transmission system and loading device, etc.

A swivel seat in the cab allows the operator to control both loading and digging functions.

A backhoe loader is more versatile than an excavator and can do some smaller jobs well, while having a front-loading bucket to get the job done more efficiently

Product Specifications





wheel spacing(mm)


Minimum ground clearance(mm)


Minimum turning radius(mm)


Performance Specification

System pressure(Mpa)


Total Weight(kg)


Top speed(Km/h)


Maximum gradeability(°)


Mining parameters

Maximum telescopic digging depth(mm)


digger unloading height (mm)


Maximum digger radius (mm)


Maximum lifting height (mm)


Maximum lifting height (mm)


Bucket Capacity (m3)


Excavator rotation angle (°)


Load parameters

Maximum unloading height (mm)


Maximum unloading distance (mm)


Bucket capacity (m3)


Rated load (KG)







Rated power (KW)


Rated speed (r/min)


Number of cylinders - inner diameter


Transmission system


Fixed shaft power shift

Number of gears

before 2 after 2

torque converter




wheel side reduction axle




service brake

Air-cap oil caliper disc brake

Parking brake


LYB-388 Center-pivot Backhoe loader supports customization, you can tell us your work needs, our technical experts will modify the specification data according to your needs, so that the machine can reach the best working condition

Product Features

Center-pivot design: LYB-388 Center-pivot Backhoe loader has a center-pivot design, so that the loading bucket and unloading bucket can rotate on one axis, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of loading and unloading.

Versatility: The backhoe loader is equipped with a variety of loading buckets and digging buckets to adapt to different operating needs. It can perform both loading and carrying operations as well as digging and excavation, increasing the machine's versatility and flexibility.

Efficient loading capacity: LYB-388 Center-pivot Backhoe loader has a large loading capacity and unloading height, which can quickly and efficiently complete loading and unloading operations and improve work efficiency.

Good mobility: The loader adopts a wheel structure and has excellent maneuverability. It can turn and move flexibly in a narrow working space, and is suitable for urban construction and operations in narrow areas.

Stability and reliability: LYB-388 Center-pivot Backhoe loader has a stable structure and a solid chassis design, which can maintain stable operation under different terrains and working conditions. It adopts high-quality hydraulic system and transmission system, which has strong load capacity and reliability.

Easy to operate: The cab design of LYB-388 Center-pivot Backhoe loader conforms to ergonomics, and the operation is simple and convenient. The driver can control the movement and loading and unloading actions of the loader through the joystick and pedals, which improves the accuracy of the operation and the comfort of the operation.

Good vision and safety: The cab of the loader is designed with a large area of glass windows, which provides a good vision and enables the driver to clearly observe the working environment and operating area. In addition, the loader is equipped with safety equipment such as seat belts, anti-slip ladders and roll cages to ensure the safety of the driver.

Product Details

Digging bucket With various accessories

Bucket Large capacity , thickened steel , morewear-resisting

CAB High end cab with two-way driving

wider tire more ply ,not easy to puncture.

Control the loader through the joystick and pedals to improve the precision and comfort of the operation.

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