Maintenance methods for summer wheel loaders


The small wheel loader produced by Luyu Machinery has a low price and excellent quality, making it a highly cost-effective product. However, in hot summer environments, wheel loaders are prone to problems such as overheating, liquid evaporation, and mechanical wear. Regular summer maintenance can ensure the normal operation and stable performance of the loader, and appropriate summer maintenance can help prevent equipment overheating, hydraulic system failures, and electrical failures. Improve the reliability and safety of loaders while extending their service life.

In order to ensure that the cooling system of the whole machine is efficient, all components of the cooling system should be cleaned, tightened and lubricated, and the scale in the cooling system should be cleaned as much as possible, including cleaning the scale in the radiator, to improve the heat dissipation efficiency and maintain cooling. The system is smoothed and the circulation of cooling water is accelerated.

Check the fan drive belt of the water pump. After long-term use, the belt will fatigue and deform, reducing the cooling effect. When replacing the belt, pay attention to the model and length, and adjust its tightness correctly.

Check the hose connecting the water tank. The hose of the water tank has poor oil resistance and is prone to early damage, thus affecting the water supply and causing the engine temperature to rise too high. Check for cracks and leaks and eliminate them promptly. At the same time, a sufficient amount of cooling water should be maintained, and if insufficient, add it in time.

In order to ensure the correct use of the whole machine, always pay attention to the reading of the water temperature meter, and take measures when it reaches 90° or above. You can choose to park in the nearest shaded area and cool down at idling speed. Be careful not to turn off the engine immediately to prevent the engine from overheating and causing accidents such as cylinder pull.

It is necessary to perform a targeted performance test on each component of the lubrication system to ensure accurate indications on the oil pressure gauge and gearbox pressure gauge. Conduct a systematic inspection of the oil in the gearbox, pitch converter and drive axle, from oil quality to oil quantity, and keep the oil clean

The lubrication of the transmission system and the wear of the transmission mechanism of the whole machine under high temperature conditions largely depend on the quality of the lubricating oil used. Long-term tests have proven that using lubricating oil with higher viscosity can reduce the wear of the transmission system. As a professional wheel loader manufacturer, Luyu lubricants are specially designed for wheel loaders to improve the reliability, durability and efficiency of wheel loaders.

During summer driving, the number of tires on small loaders is mostly about 16. Compared with large tires, the heat transfer is faster. It is easy for the tires to overheat, which increases the internal pressure and causes the tire's rubber physical properties to decrease, even causing a tire blowout. . If the tire pressure or tire temperature is found to be too high, you should park the car in a cool place to cool down before continuing to drive. It is not allowed to use deflation methods to reduce tire pressure, or to pour cold water on hot tires.

Frequently check the braking performance of the entire machine so that faults in the braking system can be discovered and eliminated early to reduce the risk of accidents. If the brake is used for a long period of time, the temperature of the brake hub and brake pad will be too high, and the braking performance will decrease. The vehicle should be stopped immediately to cool down to avoid hidden dangers to the operation of the whole machine. However, it is not allowed to pour cold water on the brakes to force cooling. The water drain valve of the air storage tank needs to drain water frequently to prevent water from flowing into the air brake valve and getting stuck.

Don’t drive while fatigued

In summer, the driver of the vehicle is prone to fatigue after driving for a long time. When the driver feels tired, he should stop the vehicle in time and take a proper rest. He should not drive excessively due to fatigue. Make sure you get enough sleep and have good energy and stamina so that you can work more efficiently.