Practical maintenance tips


As an important construction machinery equipment, wheel loader plays a vital role in the normal operation, in order to ensure the reliability, safety and life of wheel loader, regular maintenance is indispensable, LUYU as a professional wheel loader manufacturer, we have a deep understanding of the importance of wheel loader maintenance. We know that regular maintenance can prevent breakdowns, extend the life of wheel loaders and ensure that they are always performing at their best. In this text, we will share some key steps and recommendations recommended by professional manufacturers to help you better understand and perform wheel loaders maintenance work.

1. Luyu Heavy Industry recommends that you keep the habit of winding the machine before starting the machine, check the engine parts and accessories for loose leakage, if found to be timely troubleshooting, otherwise it may lead to major equipment failures and cause economic losses.

2.Regularly check whether the engine oil is sufficient, can effectively ensure the normal use of the equipment, when the oil level is lower than the oil scale, please fill the Luyu diesel oil in time to the specified range. It is important to be sure to check 15 minutes after stopping to ensure that the oil is returned to the oil pan, stabilize the oil temperature, avoid the risk of burns, and provide a more accurate reading of the oil level.

3.Regularly checking the water level of the engine is an important part of extending the service life of the wheel loader, please add Luyu antifreeze when insufficient, please do not mix different antifreeze, which is easy to cause corrosion of related components.

4. The water and oil separator of the engine can effectively remove the water in the diesel oil, regularly discharge the oil and water sediment, which can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the engine nozzle and increase the fuel consumption, and avoid the occurrence of the engine can not start.

Daily maintenance can detect potential problems early and fix them in a timely manner. This helps prevent failures and improves the reliability and stability of wheel loaders. With timely maintenance, unnecessary downtime and production disruptions can be reduced. Daily maintenance can also ensure the normal operation and good working condition of the various components of the wheel loader. Regular inspection of maintenance tasks such as lubrication, cleaning, fastening and adjustment helps to reduce wear and damage and extend the service life of your equipment. Good routine maintenance ensures that wheel loaders operate at their best. Lubrication and cleaning of key areas can reduce friction and resistance, improve mechanical efficiency, and check and adjust key systems and parameters to ensure that wheel loaders perform their tasks at maximum efficiency. Daily maintenance can also detect and solve small problems in time to prevent them from further developing into major failures. This can reduce the cost of servicing and replacing parts, reducing downtime and production losses. Of course, routine maintenance also includes checking and ensuring the safety performance of wheel loaders. By checking critical safety components such as braking systems, lights, and seat belts, you can ensure the safety of wheel loaders during operation and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

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