Precautions for daily battery use


When you buy Luyu brand wheel loader, not only the engine, hydraulic system and other key parts of maintenance, the maintenance of the battery can not be ignored, the battery can provide electric energy for the electrical system of the wheel loader, including lighting, instrument panel, sound system, ventilation system and so on. These electrical systems require electricity to function properly. Batteries can also provide power for some auxiliary equipment of wheel loaders, such as air conditioning systems, electric motors and electric hydraulic pumps. In addition, the battery can store electrical energy for emergency use. For example, when the engine is turned off, the battery can provide electric energy for the vehicle and maintain the operation of some key systems. Therefore, keeping the battery in good condition and proper maintenance is essential for the normal operation and performance of the loader.

It should be noted that the battery life is generally 2-3 years, if your loader does not start smoothly or the battery shows loss of power after the night, there are mostly three reasons:

1. the loader key is not closed in place will cause battery loss, each time after the completion of the work to close the key in place, pull out the key, turn off the power switch, so that the vehicle power off.

2. When the vehicle fails to catch fire abnormally, the cause should be investigated immediately, and the ignition should not be started continuously for a long time to avoid battery loss.

3. when the vehicle is parked for a long time, it will cause the battery to lose power, and it is necessary to regularly start the machine to charge the battery in time, or remove the battery from the vehicle and put it in a ventilated and dry place.

To prolong the battery service life and avoid missing work, it is recommended to check the battery charge status before each work. If you find power loss, charge the battery in time to avoid power loss.

China loader supplier Lu Yu Machinery reminds you that after the battery loss, it should be fully charged in time and then used to prevent the battery from sulfating, resulting in reduced performance.