LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift
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LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift

Luyu International is a professional manufacturer of construction machinery, not only has independent innovation ability, but also has a professional sales and after-sales service team, which supports OEM ODM, professional production line can ensure the production of LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift products, professional technical team can customize your own tractor products. Professional after-sales team let you have no worries, 24 hours a day online, no matter what questions you have, you can contact us immediately.

Model: LYF932

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Product Description

LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift is a hot selling product of Luyu International, which not only has an efficient engine, but also has a strong obstacle crossing ability, especially suitable for driving and working on potholes and muddy roads, in addition, there are more advantages for you to find.

1. Improve work efficiency: The LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift road-crossing capability enables it to easily cross obstacles in the workplace, such as uneven floors, thresholds, ramps, etc. Aye. Goods can be transported from one location to another more quickly, improving work efficiency.

2. Adapt to complex environments: The LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift ability to navigate obstacles allows it to adapt to a variety of complex work environments, including warehouses, construction companies and manufacturing industries. It is able to easily navigate narrow passageways, stacked cargo, and other obstacles to complete tasks in a variety of situations.

3. Reduce human labor: Traditionally, moving goods by hand takes a lot of time and energy. The ability of the LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift to cross obstacles reduces the need for human labor, increases efficiency, and reduces the risk of injury.

4. Protect goods and facilities: The LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift can smoothly cross obstacles to reduce the risk of damage to goods. It can also avoid hitting buildings, shelves and other facilities, thereby protecting the safety of the workplace. Improved operator safety: The LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift reduces the physical burden and risk of injury on operators when handling loads. Operators can operate the forklift more safely and easily, thus reducing the incidence of accidents at work.

Working weight of complete machine


Rated lifting weight


Lifting height


Load center distance


Front Angle of the frame

Gantry rear Angle


Fork length


Maximum adjustable fork width


Maximum speed


Wheel track


Overall size


Engine type


Net power rating


Rated speed


Maximum torque


Number of cylinders


Cylinder diameter


Minimum ground clearance


Fuel tank


Hydraulic tank




The machine size of LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift is 6340*2100*2900mm, the standard engine is all-diesel brand, we have other brands of engines for you to choose, if you know your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team. We will recommend the most suitable selection and configuration for you.

Product features

The front and rear doors of the LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift are usually designed with a certain tilt Angle, so do you know the principle and advantages of this design? The following advantages can be explained for you.

1. Stability and load distribution: Inclined frame can provide better stability and load distribution. By tilting the door frame back, the center of gravity of the LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift can be better distributed in the rear, thus improving the stability of the body. It is especially important when handling tall or unevenly distributed loads to reduce the risk of forklift overturning.

2. Visibility and operator view: Angled gantry improves operator view. By leaning back, the gantry does not completely block the driver's line of sight, allowing him to see objects in front of and above him more clearly. This is important for safe operation and avoiding obstacles to collisions.

3. Convenience of loading and unloading and stacking: The inclined door frame helps to improve the convenience of loading and unloading and stacking of goods. Forward-leaning gantry makes it easier for goods to enter the fork and reduces collisions between goods and gantry. The rearward gantry improves visibility and control of cargo unloading and stacking, making it easier for operators to place cargo accurately.

4.Space constraints and operational flexibility: The LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift angled gantry helps the truck adapt to cramped Spaces and restrictive environments. For example, when working between shelves, the slanted door frame can provide additional lift space, allowing the forklift truck to enter and exit the shelf smoothly.

Product details

The LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift improves handling and stacking capacity. By adjusting the lifting height of the fork, the forklift can easily lift the cargo to the required height, so as to achieve high-rise stacking and safe loading and unloading of goods. This is important for industries that require frequent stacking, such as warehousing, logistics and manufacturing.

The closed cab of the LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift provides an additional layer of protection from the outside environment and potential hazards. This includes protective glazing, body coverings and seals that block the operator from dust, foreign objects, noise and bad weather. The enclosed cab also provides good sound insulation, reducing noise interference to the operator and providing a more comfortable working environment.

The large driving space of the LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift provides a more spacious and comfortable working environment, making the operator feel more relaxed and comfortable when using the forklift for long periods of time. Operators can have enough room to adjust their posture and stretch, reducing fatigue and discomfort. At the same time, additional space is provided to accommodate the necessary equipment and tools, so that operators can more easily use and store these items during the driving process, improving work efficiency and convenience.

The LYF932 3ton Off-road Forklift has a trailer unit at the rear that connects and pulls the trailer or trailer compartment, thereby increasing efficiency in logistics and cargo handling. Can be used to transport a large number of goods or bulk material containers, pallets, shelves, etc., reduce the need for manual handling, improve handling speed and efficiency.

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