949 Small Wheel Loader
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949 Small Wheel Loader

Luyu Machinery is a well-known engineering machinery manufacturing company in China with a complete supply chain management and sales network. The company focuses on technological innovation and quality control, and ensures product performance, reliability and durability by introducing advanced manufacturing processes and equipment. superior performance. Among them, the loader series represented by the 949 small wheel loader is the representative product of Luyu Machinery. With its smooth appearance and high-end internal parts, it has won widespread praise from domestic and foreign buyers.

Model: 949

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Product Description

Small wheel loaders can not only perform lifting work, but also perform a variety of other tasks, such as loading and unloading materials, leveling the ground, digging and cleaning, etc. They are flexible and can be used in different work scenarios, improving the equipment's efficiency. Utilization and efficiency. The 949 small wheel loader is equipped with a six-cylinder engine and a powerful four-wheel drive system, which can operate in various terrain conditions, including uneven ground, muddy roads and rugged construction sites. Compared with other The operation of lifting equipment and wheel loaders is relatively simple, and drivers can quickly get started and master their operating skills, which can reduce operator training time and costs and improve work efficiency. Wheel loaders can complete lifting tasks quickly due to their design and functionality. They have a high lifting capacity and can carry and move heavier objects. In addition, their maneuverability and maneuverability make loading , unloading and moving materials more efficiently. Therefore, wheeled excavators are also considered to be one of the most effective lifting equipment.

Product parameters



Bucket capacity


Bucket width


Dumping height


Rate load


Ground clearance


Total weight


Min.turning radius


Engine type

Yuchai 6105T



The size of the 949 small wheel loader is 7320*2480*3240mm. In order to make various tasks more convenient, we will provide you with a variety of attachments such as pitchforks and grain buckets. Of course, the choice of different attachments, the price of the product It will also be different. If you are clear about your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, and we will recommend the most suitable configuration and model for you.

Product advantages

The 949 small wheel loader adopts a high-efficiency linkage mechanism in its internal structure, which significantly improves the loader's work efficiency, productivity and operational convenience. The specific performance is as follows.

1. Powerful lifting force, high-efficiency linkage mechanism can provide greater lifting force through the hydraulic system, so that the loading bucket can carry heavier materials, which increases the loading capacity of the loader, reduces the number of loading times, and improves work efficiency .

2. A wide range of tilt angles and efficient linkage mechanisms enable the ZL 949 small wheel loader to achieve a wide range of loading bucket tilt angles, allowing the loader to adapt to different working conditions and loading requirements. By adjusting the tilt angle, you can Load or dump materials more accurately, improving the accuracy and efficiency of operations.

3. Quick response and smooth movement, which can be combined with the quick response characteristics in the hydraulic system, can realize rapid lifting and tilting actions of the loading bucket, which makes the loader operation more flexible and efficient, reduces the work cycle and improves productivity.

4. Reliability and durability. The efficient linkage mechanism of the ZL 949 small wheel loader adopts very strong and durable materials and designs, which can withstand high-intensity workloads and harsh working environments. This makes the loader perform well in high-intensity , has good reliability and durability in long-term operation, reducing failure and maintenance costs.

Product Details

Multifunctional instrument panel effectively monitors the loader's operating status.

Comfortable seats, equipped with seat belts to improve safety factor

High-quality LED headlights with higher brightness

High quality quenched pins, durable

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