938 Small Wheel Loader
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938 Small Wheel Loader

Luyu Machinery can provide you with multiple models and specifications of loaders, our products cover small, medium and large loaders, suitable for different work scenarios and application fields. We regard quality as our core value. Through rigorous quality control processes and rigorous testing standards, we ensure that every loader is subjected to rigorous quality checks before being delivered to you. We use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the durability and reliability of our products. The 938 small wheel loader is a wheel loader with a rated load capacity of 2000kg, with a strong and stable power output, which is a good helper in your daily construction.

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Product Description

As a kind of multi-functional construction machinery, wheel loader also has an irreplaceable position in the agricultural field. The 938 small wheel loader has a bucket capacity of 0.8m³, which means it can meet the needs of a variety of tasks such as crop loading, feed handling, soil treatment, compost management and farm maintenance.

1. Crop loading and handling: Loaders can be used to load crops from fields or storage facilities to transport vehicles or storage areas. The 0.8m³ bucket capacity is sufficient to load and transport a variety of crops, such as grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. It can improve loading and unloading efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure the safety of crops during loading.

2. Feed and feed raw material handling: The 938 small wheel loader can be used to handle feed and feed raw materials, such as hay, feed particles, corn, etc. The bucket capacity is suitable for handling small and medium-sized feed handling tasks, allowing farmers to efficiently transport feed to livestock and poultry feeding areas to provide the food animals need.

3. Soil treatment and compost management: The loader's bucket can be used for handling and managing soil and compost. In agriculture, soil needs to be tilled, levelled and stacked, as well as compost treated and managed. The 938 small wheel loader's bucket capacity is suitable for small and medium-sized soil treatment and compost management tasks, providing easy operation and efficient land management.

4. Farm maintenance and cleaning: The loader can be used for farm maintenance and cleaning. The 938 small wheel loader can remove weeds, dead wood and garbage from the farm and load it into a transport vehicle or bin, and the loader's bucket capacity is suitable for handling farm maintenance and cleanup, providing efficient cleaning and sorting.

Product parameter

Bucket capacity

0.8 m³

Bucket width

2000 mm


2000 kg


4800 kg

Engine type

YN27T 58KW/78HP

Overall size

5975*2000*3000 mm


3500 mm

Minimum ground clearance

325 mm

Minimumturning radius

3450 mm



The overall size of the 938 small wheel loader is 5975*2000*3000 mm, and the engine is Yunnei brand. We have several engine brands to choose from and can replace the right engine for you according to your local emissions regulations. It should be noted that the price of different models of engines is different.

Loader maintenance should start from every detail, many operators in the loader maintenance, the first will think of the hydraulic system, engine and other major parts of the maintenance, but the loader bucket maintenance is also very critical, regular maintenance can extend its service life, and ensure its normal operation, the following are some of the daily use of maintenance recommendations.

1. Clean the bucket: After use, the bucket of the 938 small wheel loader should be cleaned in time to remove the soil attached to the surface. Residue or other debris. Use water and a brush to clean the bucket and make sure it is completely dry to prevent rust.

Check the bucket regularly: Check the bucket regularly for wear and structural integrity. Pay attention to observe whether the cutting edge, side wall and bottom of the bucket have cracks, wear or deformation. If problems are found, repair or replace them in time.

3. Lubricating bucket: Key parts of the bucket, such as hinged points, connecting rods and sliding parts, should be lubricated regularly. Use appropriate lubricants and lubricate as recommended by the manufacturer to reduce friction and wear.

4. Check the bucket connection point: Check the fastening bolts and pins of the 938 small wheel loader bucket connection point to ensure that they are secure and reliable. If it is found to be loose or worn, tighten or replace it in time.

5. Avoid overload use: Avoid overload use of the bucket to prevent damage or deformation, and reasonably control the loaded weight according to the specifications of the 938 small wheel loader and the manufacturer's recommendations.

6. Regularly check the welding points: check the welding points of the bucket to ensure that the weld is firm. If the weld is found loose or cracked, it should be repaired or re-welded.

7. Regular maintenance and maintenance: Complete the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer and carry out regular maintenance and maintenance. Includes changing hydraulic oil. Clean and replace filters, check and adjust hydraulic systems, etc.

8. Storage and protection: If the 938 small wheel loader or bucket is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and clean place to avoid exposure to bad weather conditions. For buckets, you can consider using anti-rust agents for protection.

The above suggestions are just some general maintenance methods, if you encounter some problems that cannot be solved, you can seek the help of some experienced operators. Of course, you can also consult the professional team of Lu Yu Machinery, we will answer all the questions about wheel loaders and other construction machinery for you.

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