920C Compact Wheel Loader
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920C Compact Wheel Loader

920C compact wheel loader is the latest model developed by luyu machinery as a wheel loader manufacturer. It is mainly aimed at the European and American markets. It has stronger functions and stable body. The rated load of 1500kg has a wider range of application scenarios in the market. While having a large loading capacity, it also has the characteristics of an 800kg compact wheel loader, such as: simple operation, high power efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, and convenient maintenance.

Model: 920C

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Product Description

The working principle of 920C compact wheel loader mainly depends on the hydraulic system. When the driver manipulates the joystick in the operating room, the hydraulic system will drive the working device to produce corresponding actions. The boom will raise or lower and the bucket will tilt or reset. Through these actions, the wheel loader can perform tasks such as digging, loading and unloading. The wheel loader is mainly composed of the following parts:

Engine: 920C compact wheel loader uses a xinchai engine with a power of 36.8kw, which meets the emission standards of Europe and the United States

Traveling device: including tires, drive axles, drive shafts and other components, used to drive the loader on various terrains.

Working device: including bucket, lifting arm, tilt cylinder and other components, used to realize working functions such as digging, loading and unloading.

Hydraulic system: responsible for driving the lifting, tilting and other actions of the working device, providing the required power and control.

Cab: Provide operating and driving space for operators, with joysticks, instrument panels, seats and other facilities inside

Electrical system: provide power for the wheel loader, including batteries, generators, starters, etc., and be responsible for the work of various instruments and sensors

Product specifications

Rated bucket capacity


Hopper width


Rated load


Total weight


Engine type


Power of engine


Dumping height


Dumping reach


Minimum ground clearance


Minimun Turning


Unloading angle





small hub reduction axle

Distance between axles


Distance between wheels


Transmission assembly

Integrated Single High-Speed Gear Box



Maximum fuel consumption


When buying a wheel loader, you need to focus on the specifications, bucket capacity, rated load, maximum travel speed, maximum gradeability, and work efficiency. Different users have different requirements for specifications, and technicians will also adjust specifications according to requirements.

Product advantages

1. Small size: Compared with other large loaders, the 920C compact wheel loader is small in size and is more suitable for operation in narrow working areas, such as narrow construction sites or warehouses. Its small size allows for greater maneuverability in confined spaces, enabling easy access to narrow passages and portals.

2. Flexible and maneuverable: the compact wheel loader has good maneuverability and flexibility. It can turn and move freely, so it can easily turn and maneuver in tight spaces, improving the operator's operating efficiency.

3. Versatility: Despite its small size, a compact wheel loader is capable of a variety of material handling and loading tasks. By replacing different attachments, such as loading buckets, pallet forks, bulldozing blades, etc., it can adapt to different work needs. This versatility makes the compact wheel loader a cost-effective, all-purpose construction machine.

4. Efficiency: The compact wheel loader has the ability to quickly load and unload, and can handle materials efficiently. Its simple and intuitive operation can quickly complete loading tasks and improve work efficiency. At the same time, handling and loading operations can be completed more quickly due to its ability to fit into tight spaces.

5. Good visibility and operating comfort: Compact wheel loaders are usually equipped with a cab, which provides good visibility and operating comfort. Drivers have a clear view of the loading area and surroundings, improving safety and operational accuracy. The comfortable cab design can reduce driver fatigue and improve work efficiency.

Product Details

The streamlined rear hood design conforms to the aesthetics of European and American customers

It adopts firewood Euro III 498\36.8KW engine, which meets the emission requirements of Europe and the United States. Economical and fuel-efficient, compact structure, small size, light weight, good dynamic performance, small vibration, low noise, good reliability

20.5-16 herringbone tires, good grip, anti-slip and good mud and sewage discharge

Built-in air filter, muffler

Adjustable suspension seat, made of fabric fabric for better ventilation, equipped with seat belts

Configure the reversing image on the right

The console uses LED display to display water temperature, oil pressure, speed, working time, etc.

Equipped with a quick change device to quickly and easily switch between multiple attachments

The custom-made frame structure cab has high strength and stronger ability to prevent falling objects. Use tempered glass to prevent glass scratches

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