Advantages of 908 compact wheel loader


908 compact wheel loader is suitable for users in Europe and the United States. If you want to save labor costs and want a cheap price, this machine is very suitable. It is equipped with a simple cab and can be equipped with a Kubota engine. It meets Euro V and EPA emission standards. The bucket capacity is 0.4m³ and the working weight is 800kg, which is suitable for light loading and handling tasks.

The 908 compact wheel loader uses a simple cab, which costs less and is better priced.

The 908 model manufactured by Luyu loader belongs to the compact wheel loader. In the face of repetitive, high-intensity and automated tasks, the compact wheel loader can be a good substitute for manual labor. 

Due to the compact size of the 908 compact wheel loader, compared with other large loaders, the 908 will be more flexible in narrow work sites, and even some indoor work can be done. 

In terms of operation, the compact wheel loader has excellent maneuverability and operability, and the driver can easily control the steering and movement to improve efficiency. The attachments of the 908 can be quickly replaced, and with a variety of attachments, it can be adapted to a variety of tasks, such as loading, handling, bulldozing, leveling the ground, and grabbing objects. 

The 908 is specially equipped with a comfortable cab, which provides a good view and operating environment, and reduces operator fatigue. The cab adopts a custom-made frame structure as a whole, which is stronger and safer.

If you decide to buy wheel loader, usually, the price of compact wheel loader will be lower, which is very competitive in price, which can effectively reduce your investment risk. If you are a dealer and want to buy wheel loader in bulk, 908 is a good choice with a cheap price. One 40HQ can ship 4 units, which is convenient for transportation.

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