Luyu Loader Participated in the 2023 IEE Series Exhibition of Indonesian Construction Industry


Warmly celebrate the successful conclusion of the 2023 IEE series exhibitions of the Indonesian construction industry. As one of the exhibitors, Luyu loader demonstrated innovation and breakthroughs in the field of construction machinery. At the 2023 IEE Series Exhibition of Indonesian Construction Industry, luyu loader attracted the attention of customers. The technical team and sales team introduced the powerful performance, comfortable driving experience, and safe and easy operation of Luyu loader to the visitors in detail. Features have received widespread attention and praise.

In addition to wheel loaders, this time luyu loader also shows users the hot-selling products wheel excavator and Self loading mixer truck, Telescopic wheel loader

The model displayed by luyu loader this time is LY135 wheel excavator. It adopts YUCHAI YC4A100-302 engine, 73.5kW, with strong power, strong mobility, multi-functionality, convenience and high productivity, making it an important engineering machinery equipment for various earthmoving and construction tasks.

The T3000 Telescopic wheel loader weighs 6700kg and uses a Yudong 4105 turbo engine with a power of 85kW. It can easily cope with various working scenarios. It can be adapted to different working situations through expansion and contraction, which improves the flexibility and versatility of the machine.

Self loading mixer truck is an efficient and multifunctional concrete mixing equipment suitable for various construction and infrastructure projects. It can reduce waste, improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. It is a hot-selling product of luyu loader.

There is no doubt the hard work and dedication of countless people behind the success of this show. Thank you to all the participants, organizers, sponsors and volunteers for your hard work and support in making this great event such a success.