LYB32-30 Articulated Backhoe Loader
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LYB32-30 Articulated Backhoe Loader

Luyu loader was established in 2005. It has a new factory area of 180,000 square meters. It has modern office plants and production workshops, 3 intelligent manufacturing lines, multi-functional laser cutting equipment, intelligent welding robots and many other integrated intelligent production equipment. LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader has articulated design, versatility, efficient loading capacity and good maneuverability. This is a hot-selling product, and the price of different configurations will be different. We will provide users with reasonable configurations to ensure that the price is competitive, and at the same time give more support to dealers to help buyers increase market share.

Model: LYB32-30

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Product Description

The main components of LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader are engine, cab, hydraulic system, transmission system, loading device, chassis and so on. In addition to these, it can also be equipped with more accessories and functions, such as air-conditioning systems, front and rear cameras, automatic lubrication systems, dust-proof devices, etc., to improve operating comfort, safety and efficiency.

The engine is one of the core, using Yunnei 4100 turbo. With high power and torque output to meet the needs of various loading and bulldozing work, the engine provides power to drive the hydraulic system and transmission system to achieve loading and handling operations. At the same time, pay attention to emission standards. If your area has requirements for emission standards, please tell us, and our experts will recommend them for you.

Equally important is the cab, the space where the driver maneuvers and operates the loader. The cab is usually equipped with a driver's seat, console, instrument panel, joystick and pedals, etc., to facilitate the driver's control and monitoring of the loader.

The hydraulic system is responsible for providing the hydraulic power of the loader and controlling the movement of the loading bucket and unloading bucket. The hydraulic system includes components such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic lines, and hydraulic oil tanks

The transmission system transmits the power of the engine to the various components of the loader. The transmission system usually consists of a hydraulic gearbox, a steering gear and a drive shaft to control the forward, reverse, steering and stop actions of the loader

Product Specifications

The Main Performance Parameter of Backhoe Loader 32-30

Overall dimensions





Yunnei 4100 turbo





Wheel track(mm)




Min. Ground Clearance(mm)


Rated speed(r/min)


Min. turning radius(mm)


Number of cylinders - bore


Performance Parameters

transmission system

System pressure(Mpa)



Fixed-axis powershift

Overall weight(kg)


Number of gears

Front 2 and back 2

Max. speed(km/h)


Torque converter

265 Overall high and low speed

Max. climbing capacity(°)


Excavation parameters


Max. digging depth(mm)



Small Hub Reduction Axle

Excavation unloading height(mm)



Max. digging radius(mm)




Bucket width (mm)


Travel brake

Air top oil caliper disc brake

Hopper capacity(m³)


Parking brake


Excavator slewing angle(°)


Loading parameters

Oil volume

Max. unloading height(mm)


Fuel Tank(L)


Max. unloading distance(mm)


Hydraulic oil tank(L)


Loading bucket capacity(mm)


bucket width (mm)



Drive type

Four-wheel drive

Variable speed form

Hydraulic variable speed

As a manufacturer, Luyu loader can adjust the specifications of LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader. According to different working conditions, our technical experts will give you professional advice

Product Features

Moderate size: Compared with large loaders, LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader is smaller in size and suitable for operation in small construction site spaces. Its compact size makes it easier to enter tight areas and adapt to various jobsite environments.

Articulated Design LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader adopts articulated connection, which makes the loader have better maneuverability and turning radius. This design allows the loader to steer and maneuver more flexibly in tight jobsites.

Versatility: The LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader has a variety of functions, including loading, dozing, leveling and carrying. They are usually equipped with replaceable attachments, such as buckets, forks, extension arms, etc., to suit different job needs.

Improve efficiency: This type of equipment has high loading capacity and work efficiency, and can quickly complete loading and handling tasks. Its hydraulic system is characterized by fast response and precise control, making the operation more efficient.

Operating comfort: Equipped with a comfortable cab, it provides good vision and humanized operation control. Drivers can operate the loader in comfort and enjoy lower noise and vibration.

Stability and safety: With good stability and balance, it can be operated on uneven ground. In terms of safety, LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader is usually equipped with safety protection devices, such as rollover protection, anti-skid system and emergency stop device, etc., to ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment.

Product Application

The LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader is equipped with a bucket and a backhoe. The functions of these two attachments are completely different. The driver only needs to simply rotate the seat to operate different functions. Due to this feature, the backhoe loader can Perform a variety of work tasks, suitable for a variety of work environments

Construction site: LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader is commonly used in construction site for earthwork, infrastructure construction and building construction. They can be used for digging, loading and moving various materials such as soil, sand, bricks and concrete etc.

Road construction: In road construction, the LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader can be used to clear the construction site, load and carry construction materials, such as gravel, asphalt, concrete and roadbed materials, etc. They are also used for leveling, compacting and laying road surface materials.

Agricultural field: It has a wide range of applications in the agricultural field. LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader can be used for farmland reclamation, land leveling, stacking feed, loading agricultural products and agricultural materials, etc. They can also be equipped with different agricultural attachments, such as forks, buckets and bulldozing blades, to meet the needs of different agricultural operations.

Logistics and warehousing: LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader can be used for loading, handling and stacking materials in the field of logistics and warehousing. They can be used for loading and unloading goods, stacking goods and dispatching goods in the logistics process.

LYB32-30 articulated Backhoe loader can also be used in other fields, such as mining, ports, garbage disposal and public facilities construction, etc. They can be used for excavating and loading ore, handling garbage, clearing stockyards and carrying out public facilities construction.

Auxiliary work: The loader can also perform other auxiliary work, such as compacting soil, crushing materials, spraying water and reducing dust, etc. They can be equipped with rollers or other auxiliary equipment to meet different job needs.

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