LY-10 1 Ton Mini Excavators
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LY-10 1 Ton Mini Excavators

Work in a smaller space, or if you're on a tight budget. Such as urban or indoor work, LY-10 1 Ton Mini Excavators are very suitable for you, the mini excavator produced by luyu machinery is cheap, and the high-quality mini excavator can meet your work requirements and budget constraints. The machine can be used for multiple purposes. In addition to digging, it can also meet your various work needs. It is the best choice to improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

Model: LY-10

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Product Description

The appearance design of LY-10 1 Ton Mini Excavators is very in line with the aesthetics of European and American users, compact body, small and flexible, convenient transportation, simple operation, using high-power hydraulic pump, the work efficiency is 20% higher than other similar products of other brands. Cover design, computer-controlled hydraulic oil cooling system, so that the machine can maintain a good working condition during work, the middle and rear-mounted pressure compensation technology multi-way valve, to achieve synchronization proportional shunt sensitive load-sensitive proportional control technology, to ensure compact control volume, And the expansion function is powerful robot welding work device, weld seam is formed, the arc is stable, the depth of penetration is controllable, and the shape is beautiful, so that the service life of the structural parts can be increased by 3 times. Using rubber track design, it will not damage the ground, and the track is strengthened to increase wear resistance. LY-10 1 Ton Mini Crawler excavator has a reinforced boom structure and a thickened oil cylinder formed by one-piece forging. The fuselage can be rotated 360°, which is the best choice to replace manpower.

Ton Mini Excavators specifications

Boom length


Stick length


Bucket capacity


Maximum excavation radius


Maximum excavation radius of the ground


Maximum excavation depth


Maximum discharge depth


Minimum discharge height


Maximum excavation height


Maximum height of bucket pin


Maximum vertical arm excavation depth


Maximum vertical excavation radius


Minimum excavation radius


Minimum turning radius


Bucket action angle


Maximum lifting height of bulldozer blade


Maximum lowering depth of bulldozer blade


Height from ground to turning frame


This is one of the best-selling products in the mini excavator series. It is a cheap, high-quality 1 tone mini excavator. Based on feedback from customers in Europe and the United States, the product specification data has been adjusted to maximize the performance of the machine.

Ton Mini Excavators advantages

Low cost: Compared with large excavators, LY-10 1 Ton Mini Crawler excavator is more economical and affordable. Its price is relatively low, and maintenance costs are relatively low, so it is more suitable for small projects or individual users. If you want to sell or rent a mini excavator in a city near you, this machine is one of the best choices, effectively reducing investment risks.

Convenient transportation: LY-10 1 Ton Mini Crawler excavator is low in weight and small in size, and can be transported by trailer or truck. It is suitable for the work content that requires frequent relocation on site.

Energy saving and environmental protection: European and American countries have relatively high requirements for environmental protection. LY-10 1 Ton Mini Crawler excavator adopts KOOP engine, which meets the emission standards of EPA and euro V, which can reduce exhaust emissions and reduce environmental pollution.

Reliability: Most users' work needs to be carried out for a long time. The 1-ton mini crawler excavator adopts high-quality components and advanced manufacturing technology, which has high reliability and can ensure long-term working stability and high efficiency. sex.

LY-10 1 Ton Mini Crawler excavator This product has many advantages, the most important thing is to understand the content of your work and choose the equipment that suits you.


Ton Mini Excavators Details

1.International standard steel , robot welding , standard arm swing boom

2.The engine meets EPA and Euro V standards and supports optional options

3.Injection molding process anti-rollover roof , stronger , safer operation and more comfortable driving

4.The bulldozer can not only bulldoze ,butalso make the excavator more stable , with adjustable width .

5.The oil pipe increases protection and makes the machine more durable

6.Simple switch light control instrument panel ,easy to operate 

7.Bucket optimization design, low insert -tion resistance, high full bucket rate

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