922B Mini Wheel Loader
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922B Mini Wheel Loader

Luyu loader is positioned with high-end design, and has outstanding performance in product appearance style, performance characteristics and other aspects. Luyu loader is available in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. While ensuring high quality, we provide customers with the wheel loader at the lowest price to help customers increase their market share and invest with the lowest risk. It has won wide acclaim from users all over the world. As one of the most powerful wheel loader manufacturers in China, Lu Yu has been highly recognized in the international market, European market, and North American market. As a popular product, 922B mini wheel loader is favored by users in the international market.

Model: 922B

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Product Description

The 922B mini wheel loader is a versatile small piece of equipment suitable for light to medium heavy construction and construction projects. With a load capacity of 1600kg, it can easily handle material handling and loading work for various engineering projects. In addition, it is also equipped with a convenient and easy-to-use operating system, including hydraulic control system, joystick and steering wheel, etc., making the operation easier and more efficient. Equipped with a powerful Yunnei or Yuchai engine, a stable and efficient gearbox and an advanced hydraulic system, it is specially designed to match the whole machine to ensure strong power and high efficiency and energy saving; sufficient breakout force and lifting force to ensure efficient operation of the working device; one-stop service platform and maintenance space without dead ends to ensure convenient and easy maintenance; new concept appearance, super large space, safe and comfortable cab give the driver the best experience.

Product specifications


Total Weight


Rated bucket capacity


Hopper width


Rated load


Engine type

YN 25

Power of engine


Dumping height


Dumping reach


Minimun Turning


Minimum ground clearance


Arm thickness





Isuzu air brake axle

Wheel base


 Wheel track


Transmission assembly

418 machine



climbing angles


With the continuous update of technology, the specification data of 922B mini wheel loader is also adjusted. After adjustment, it is more suitable for the needs of users and provides users with the best performance.

Product Features

Luyu machinery manufactures and sells mini wheel loader, 922B mini wheel loader is a powerful, flexible and multi-purpose construction machinery

The working weight of 922B mini wheel loader is 1600kg, the best choice for small projects and light projects

The Mini wheel loader has a compact design and a small size, and is also very popular in urban buildings or small scenes.

The YN 25 engine is adopted to ensure sufficient power and torque under high load. The Yunnei 25 engine optimizes the fuel injection system and combustion process, improves fuel utilization and reduces operating costs. The YN25 engine has good n durability and reliability, reducing the number of failures and maintenance.

The 922B wheel loader is easy to operate and allows the driver to get started quickly. The joystick, pedals and buttons are all optimized to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the operation

Equipped with a comfortable cab, the driver will not feel tired after long hours of operation. The comfortable seat and good seat adjustment function help to provide a good driving experience. Wide field of vision, the cab is equipped with large-size glass to provide a wide field of vision, the engine and hydraulic system of the loader will produce noise and vibration, sound insulation and vibration reduction measures are usually taken in the cab to reduce the driver's perception and improve working comfort

922B mini wheel loader is an efficient, reliable, and comprehensive-featured construction machinery. Its excellent features make it a powerful assistant for users at work, bringing users higher productivity and operating experience.

Product Details

1.The weight of the 922B wheel loader is 3720kg, the working weight is 1600kg, the overall size is:5670*1780*2750mm, the structure is compact, and it can be operated in a limited space.

2.YN 25 engine power 37kW, other brands of engines can be selected.

3.The bucket capacity is 0.45m³, the size of the bucket equipped with the mini wheel loader will also be different, within a reasonable range, support optional.

4.With manual joystick, the driver can easily operate and control the machine.

5.The cab is spacious in design, provides good visibility and comfortable seats, and is equipped with good sound insulation measures.

6.The mini wheel loader uses wear-resistant special tires for construction machinery to adapt to different construction site environments

7.Articulated, flexible, stable and adaptable, especially suitable for loading and handling tasks in narrow spaces or complex working conditions such as uneven ground.

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