25 HP Mini Tractor
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25 HP Mini Tractor

Luyu machinery is a professional 25 HP Mini Tractor manufacturer of construction machinery and agricultural machinery in China. The company was established in 2005. It has a number of intelligent production lines and focuses on scientific innovation and research and development of products. Luyu has independently developed more than 100 new products, supporting There are hundreds of accessories, which realize one-stop purchasing for customers. Lu Yu has long-term overseas trading experience, and his products are distributed in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. We are sincerely looking for long-term partners and provide users with the best service and support programs.

Model: 25 HP

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Product Description

The 25 HP Mini Tractor is usually used in small-scale agricultural fields, and the 25-50HP tractor is usually defined as a mini tractor, and different brands or models will have different definitions. Mini tractor includes the functions of large tractors, small and flexible in size, small in turning radius, and can handle some special work scenarios. Mini tractor can completely replace the work of some large tractors, and due to the low cost of construction, the investment risk will be less.

The 25 HP mini tractor is equipped with a diesel engine. This type has less power, but is more economical and has lower fuel consumption. If you consider the cost of using the mini tractor, this type of mini tractor will become your economical and practical choice. Farmers can use it in Complete agricultural operations at a lower cost.

The 25HP mini tractor produced by Luyu Machinery is more suitable for small farmlands and greenhouses, and can easily enter small working environments, orchards, vegetable gardens, greenhouses and other environments, providing convenience for farmers. The four-wheel drive system can provide good mobility and adapt to various terrains and operation needs.

25 HP Mini Tractor Specifications



LY2504D Specification



2504D Wheeled tractor

Driving type / 4WD



Overall dimension (LWH)


3340×1430×2170 Roll bar top

Wheel base



Regular wheel tread(front/rear)



Wheel tread(front/rear) or gauge


970 1030 1100/960-1200

Min. ground clearance



Min. weight



Standard Counterweight (Front/Rear)



Min. service ratio



Qty of shift gears (forward/backward)


8+2 or 8+8

Maxi. theoretical design speed





roll over protection system (roll bar)

Engine power



Air filter type



Steering system type


hydraulic steering

Tyre Model (Front/Rear)



Hydraulic suspension system type



Type of suspension


3 point suspension

Qty of hydraulic output groups



Qty of splines(pto shaft)



Standard speed of pto shaft



The machine that suits you is the best. As a manufacturer, luyu machinery provides users with the most suitable mini tractor. We support customization, and product specification data can be adjusted to meet the best work needs of users.

Product Features

The 25 HP mini tractor is the smallest model. The small and compact design is suitable for operation in narrow greenhouses or limited spaces. It can also drive freely on narrow roads when moving, which is impossible for large tractors. At the same time, due to its small size and small turning radius, the difficulty and risk of operation are reduced. It also takes up very little space when storing if you have a warehouse. The 25HP mini tractor is designed to bring many benefits to farmers, making it ideal for small farming operations.

The 25 HP mini tractor adopts four-wheel drive to provide excellent maneuverability, the vehicle is more stable, and can easily handle various complex terrains, including slopes, uneven ground, slippery ground, etc. Due to the high maneuverability, it is convenient for the operator to quickly and accurately complete the turning and direction change, effectively improving the working efficiency. High maneuverability makes the mini tractor more convenient during transition and transportation. Their small size and lightweight design make them easier to load into a trailer or van for quick relocation to another job site. This saves time and costs.

Although the power of the 25HP mini tractor is low, it can be equipped with a variety of attachments, such as front-loading buckets, farming machinery, lawn mowers, sprinklers and harvesters, etc. Farmers can choose appropriate accessories according to specific needs to adapt to different agricultural operations.

In terms of operation, these mini tractors usually have a simple and easy-to-understand operation interface and control system, the driver can quickly get started, luyu machinery will provide you with operation manuals and maintenance manuals, and technical experts will solve problems for you, reducing your training time cost. At the same time, 25HP can be used with a simple awning.

After you buy a 25 HP mini tractor, the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is very important. Reasonable maintenance will make your machine last longer. 25 HP mini tractors usually have an easy-to-maintain design. Critical components and lubrication points are generally easy to reach and maintain, making routine maintenance and repair work easier and more efficient

Product Application

25HP mini tractor is widely used, suitable for small tasks and limited space, you need to evaluate your work before buying or renting, whether it is suitable for your work needs

Farmland cultivation: The 25 horsepower mini tractor is suitable for farming tasks in small farmlands. They can use tillage attachments such as plows, tillers and seeders to plow, turn and sow.

Grass Maintenance: These tractors can be used for grass maintenance work such as mowing and pruning shears. They can be equipped with attachments such as lawn mowers, loppers and edge trimmers to keep your lawn or grass looking clean and healthy.

Material Handling: Mini tractors can be used for material handling tasks such as hauling crops, stacking hay and moving farm implements. They can be equipped with front-loading buckets, forks, and other attachments to handle a variety of material handling needs quickly and easily

Land preparation and construction: The mini tractor can be used for land preparation and construction tasks such as leveling land, building roads and clearing debris. They can be equipped with attachments such as graders, dozers and clearing units to help with land building and clearing.

Gardening and Landscaping: These tractors are also suitable for gardening and landscaping tasks such as flower bed preparation, tree trimming and irrigation. They can be equipped with accessories such as bed finishers, pruning shears and irrigation equipment to help maintain the beauty and health of gardens and landscaping.

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