1 Ton Mini Excavators
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1 Ton Mini Excavators

LZ-10 1 Ton Mini Excavators is a mini excavator newly developed by luyu machinery. The appearance adopts the latest design. It is compact and flexible, and the cost is low. It reduces the pressure of purchasing funds and reduces investment risks. The mini excavator is made of 235B high-quality steel. The structure of the car is solid, and the core components are designed to be widened and thickened to improve strength and ensure performance. Our products mainly cover Europe and the United States, we are looking for long-term partners, and we will give more support.

Model: LZ-10

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Product Description

Luyu machinery is one of the most popular manufacturers in China, independently designed and developed the LZ-10 1 Ton Mini Excavators for a limited time discount, serving users with the best price

LZ-10 1 ton mini crawler excavator is a small excavator with a weight of 1 ton. Compared with the wheel excavator, although the moving speed is slower, but the body is lighter, it can be moved with a trailer instead, reaching and wheel excavator The same special speed of the excavator, the overall compactness and more flexibility, even in a very difficult working environment can still complete the challenge.

It adopts a crawler chassis and is equipped with excavating devices with multiple functions, which can perform excavation, loading, leveling and other work. This small excavator usually consists of a cab, an engine, a hydraulic system, a crawler chassis and an excavating device, etc.

In order to keep the excavator in good condition and prolong its service life, regular maintenance, cleaning of the excavator, attention to safe operation, etc. are very important. Following maintenance and safety precautions can ensure the normal operation of the excavator and improve work efficiency and safety.

LZ-10 1 Ton Mini Excavators Specifications





bucket capacity


Excavation height


Excavation depth


Dumping height


Ground clearance


Wheel spacing


Chassis width




Radius of gyration


Bucket width


Track width


Track length


Transport length


Vehicle height


Vehicle size


Vertical excavation depth


Ground excavation radius


Bulldozer lift height


The specification of LZ-10 1 ton mini crawler excavator has been adjusted, luyu machinery, as a manufacturer, can be customized according to the work needs of users.

Product Features

Small and flexible: 1 ton mini crawler excavator is small in size, has excellent maneuverability and flexibility, can work in a small working space, and is suitable for urban construction and indoor engineering.

Versatility: The excavator is equipped with a variety of working devices, such as buckets, buckets, pile drivers, etc., and can be used for various operations such as digging, loading, leveling, drilling, and piling.

High efficiency and energy saving: LZ-10 1 ton mini crawler excavator adopts advanced hydraulic system and power transmission device, which has high working efficiency and energy saving performance, which can improve construction efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Easy to operate: The excavator is equipped with an ergonomically designed cab, which is easy and convenient to operate. The driver can control various functions of the excavator through the joystick to improve the accuracy of the operation and the comfort of the operation.

Easy to transport: LZ-10 1 ton mini crawler excavator is small in size and light in weight, so it can be easily transported and moved, and is suitable for construction projects that require frequent transitions.

Adapt to various terrains: The crawler chassis design of the LZ-10 1 ton mini crawler excavator makes it have good off-road performance and can adapt to various terrain conditions, such as soft ground, rough terrain and sloped terrain, etc.

Product Application

Construction sites: used for excavating foundations, clearing construction waste, excavating underground pipelines and installing infrastructure, etc.

Garden and landscape design: Used for digging ponds, building small water features, tidying lawns and growing plants, etc.

Agricultural field: used for digging canals, clearing farmland, installing irrigation systems, etc.

Road construction: It can be used for excavation and leveling work in road construction, such as excavating drainage ditches, clearing road slopes, etc.

Pipe and cable installation: used to excavate trenches for underground pipes and cables in order to install pipe and cable systems.

Product Maintenance

Regular maintenance: After you purchase LZ-10 1 ton mini crawler excavator, Luyu machinery will provide you with maintenance suggestions and carry out regular maintenance and maintenance work. This includes changing lubricants, filters and wear parts, checking and adjusting hydraulic systems, electrical systems and engines, etc.

Clean the excavator: Regularly clean the excavator, especially the important parts such as hydraulic system, radiator and air filter. Remove accumulated dirt, dust and other debris to maintain good cooling and working order.

Check Tracks: Periodically check track wear and tension. Make sure the tracks are well tightened and avoid looseness or overtightening to ensure proper operation and prolong track life.

Pay attention to safe operation: Always follow safe operating procedures when operating the LZ-10 1 ton mini crawler excavator. Familiarize yourself with the excavator's controls and indicators, and follow the operating instructions in the operator's manual. Make sure the driver and those around you are in a safe position and are using seat belts and other personal protective equipment properly.

Avoid overloading: Avoid exceeding the rated working range and load capacity of the excavator. Overload use may cause excessive wear, failure and accidents of the machine.

Learning the basic knowledge of maintenance: For some simple maintenance and troubleshooting, the driver can learn some basic knowledge so that they can perform simple maintenance and troubleshooting when necessary, or report problems to the maintenance personnel in time.

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