LY300 Crawler Excavator
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LY300 Crawler Excavator

A 30 ton tracked excavator can usually be classified as a medium-sized excavator. The working weight of medium-sized excavators is usually between 7 and 45 tons. Medium excavators have sufficient excavation capacity and flexibility, suitable for various engineering projects, including earthwork, infrastructure construction, road construction, mining, etc. They provide a balance between heavy and light excavators, with moderate excavation depth, excavation radius, and bucket capacity, capable of performing various tasks. The working weight of a 30 ton tracked excavator is 3000kg, which can meet most of the job requirements. During production, Luyu Machinery uses high-quality steel, and the overall body is sturdy and wear-resistant. If you are using it yourself, choose the work weight and excavation depth according to your needs. If purchased in bulk for sales, the LY300 crawler extractor can meet most market requirements, and our technical experts and sales team will provide the greatest assistance

Model: LY300

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Product Description

The LY300 crawler extractor has a working weight of 30 tons and is suitable for various large-scale earthwork, construction, and mining projects. Its main features include excellent excavation ability, flexibility, and durability. It can be equipped with Cummins or Isuzu 6HK1 engines, hydraulic pumps using Kawasaki 140, control valves and slewing using Doushan brand, with a longer service life, reduced maintenance frequency, and higher efficiency. The LY300 crawler extractor has an intuitive control system that allows operators to easily grasp its operation. To ensure the safety of operators, multiple safety functions are usually equipped, such as anti overturning systems, emergency stop buttons, and safety belts.

Maintenance is crucial for the performance and lifespan of LY300 crawler excavato. As one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in China, Luyu provides users with detailed maintenance guidelines. We also provide a wide range of after-sales services, including training, maintenance support, and spare parts supply, to ensure optimal performance in use.

Product Specifications

Machine weight(Ton)


Operating weight(kg)


Bucket capacity(m³)




Rated power(kW/rpm)


Hydraulic pump


control valve




Excavator size

Transportation length(mm)


Transport width(mm)


Transport height(mm)


Crawler length(mm)


Crawler Width(mm)


Ground clearance(mm)


Fuel tank capacity

fuel tank(L)


hydraulic tank


work scope

Maximum working radius(mm)


Maximum Digging Depth(mm)


Maximum excavation height(mm)


Maximum Dumping Height(mm)


Product Application

Infrastructure construction: This includes the construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and embankments. A 30 ton crawler excavator is used for excavation, landfill, and earthworks to ensure the smooth construction of infrastructure.

Earthwork: Used for large-scale earthworks such as foundation leveling, land improvement, soil excavation, and soil transportation.

Mining: In the mining industry, these excavators are used for mining, material handling, and mining operations, improving mining efficiency.

Construction site: Used for large-scale construction projects, high-rise buildings, and earthwork work, such as excavation of underground parking lots, infrastructure construction, etc.

Water engineering: In water engineering projects, it includes river cleaning, river restoration, dam construction, and waterway sludge cleaning.

Agriculture: In the field of agriculture, these excavators are used for excavation of drainage systems, soil improvement, tree planting, and land leveling.

Dredging: Used to clean ponds, lakes, rivers, and ports to improve water circulation and quality.

Garden and Landscape Engineering: Used for courtyard, park, and landscape renovation projects, including earthwork, shaping, tree planting, and landscape construction.

Logistics and warehousing: Their mobility is very useful for handling and loading and unloading goods in warehouses, especially when operating within limited space.

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