LY10 PRO 1 Ton Mini Excavator
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LY10 PRO 1 Ton Mini Excavator

Luyu Machinery is an outstanding Chinese manufacturer of micro excavators. It is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of engineering machinery. It has its own production base and manufacturing facilities and is able to independently complete the design, R&D and production processes of mechanical products. It has a professional R&D team dedicated to continuously innovating and improving the technical performance and quality standards of micro-excavation products.

Model: LY10 PRO

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Product Description

LY10 PRO 1 ton mini excavator is a new product launched by Luyu Machinery. Compared with the previous 1 ton mini excavator, many parts have been upgraded, such as safety switches, quick connectors, high-quality paint, etc. The fuel tank is made of traditional Upgrade from steel fuel tank to aluminum alloy fuel tank. Here are some advantages of aluminum alloy fuel tank.

1. Save fuel costs: The aluminum alloy fuel tank of the LY10 PRO1 ton mini excavator is lighter than the traditional steel fuel tank, which can reduce the overall weight of the excavator and thereby reduce fuel consumption. The lightweight design can make the mini excavator more efficient and save fuel costs.

2. Improve operational flexibility: The use of aluminum alloy fuel tanks can reduce the overall weight, making the machine more flexible and easier to control. This is very beneficial for operations in small spaces or complex construction sites, improving the maneuverability and operating performance of the mini excavator.

3. Increase mechanical life: Aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and can effectively resist corrosion caused by contact with fuel and other chemicals. The use of aluminum alloy fuel tanks can reduce corrosion damage to the fuel tank, extend the life of the fuel tank, reduce the cost of replacing and repairing fuel tanks, and improve the reliability and durability of the LY10 PRO 1 ton mini excavator.

4. Good heat dissipation performance: Aluminum alloy has excellent thermal conductivity and can better dissipate heat. When the mini excavator is running, the engine will generate a lot of heat. If the fuel tank cannot effectively dissipate heat, the oil temperature may be too high. Impair the normal operation of machinery. The aluminum alloy fuel tank can quickly conduct heat to the external environment and keep the oil temperature within a suitable range.

Product Parameters

Engine Model


Rated Power


Arm Length


Max. Digging Radius on the ground


Max. Dumping Height


Max. Digging Height


Max. Vertical Arm Digging Depth


Min. Digging Radius


Bucket Operating Angle

160 degree

Bucket Capacity

0.03 CBM

Boom Length




Max. Digging Radius


Max. Digging Depth


Min. Dumping Height


Max. Height of Bucket Pin


Max. Vertical Digging Radius


Min. Rotation Radius


The LY10 PRO 1 ton mini excavator uses a BRIGGS&STRATTON gasoline engine, which is more environmentally friendly and complies with EPA environmental standards. If you are clear about your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, and we will recommend the most suitable selection and configuration for you.

Product Advantages

The hydraulic pump of the LY10 PRO 1 ton mini excavator adopts a dual hydraulic pump. Various advantages enable the mini excavator to perform tasks efficiently and reliably in various engineering and construction environments, and improve the overall work efficiency and performance.

1. Enhance hydraulic power output: Dual hydraulic pumps work in parallel to provide the pressure and flow required by two hydraulic circuits at the same time. This enables the hydraulic press to achieve greater hydraulic power output, providing higher work efficiency and stronger thrust.

2. Improve system reliability: The redundant design of the dual hydraulic pumps increases the reliability of the LY10 PRO mini excavator system. Even if one of the pumps fails, the other pump can also provide part of the hydraulic power to ensure that the mini excavator is working. There will be no complete loss of hydraulic power. This helps reduce downtime and repair costs.

3. Adapt to a variety of working conditions: The double hydraulic pump can adjust the pump output as needed to adapt to different working conditions and task requirements. By adjusting the working mode, pressure and flow of the main pump and auxiliary pump, the LY10 PRO small excavation The machine can flexibly respond to different operating environments and improve the adaptability and multi-function of the mini excavator.

4. Balance the load: The parallel operation of double hydraulic pumps can balance the load of the hydraulic system. When a hydraulic circuit requires more power, the main pump and the auxiliary pump can share the load together to avoid a single pump bearing excessive pressure and prolong the service life of the pump. service life.

5. Energy saving effect: By reasonably adjusting the output of the main pump and auxiliary pump, the double hydraulic pump can achieve energy saving effect. In some work scenarios, if only low power output is required, the work of the main pump can be reduced and the auxiliary pump can be used instead. Provides the required hydraulic power to reduce energy consumption.

Product Details

Upgraded Toyota seats are more comfortable.

Aluminum alloy fuel tank, light weight and fast heat dissipation.

The boom cylinder baffle design protects the boom hydraulic cylinder and is safer.

Upgraded comfortable handle, full hydraulic operation is more gentle and labor-saving.

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