LY-65D Wheel Excavator
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LY-65D Wheel Excavator

luyu machinery is LY-65D Wheel Excavator manufacturer and supplier in China, has rich experience and technology in manufacturing wheel excavator, at the same time the research and development team keeps innovating to improve the performance and efficiency of the equipment, LY-60D Wheel excavator is a smallest model , low cost, cheap price, reliability and durability can meet the needs of different industries, in addition to this model, luyu machinery also produces other models of wheel excavator.

Model: LY-65D

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Product Description

After market research, when purchasing a wheel excavator, performance, durability, and operability are the most concerned by users. A wheel excavator is a construction machine used for digging, shoveling, and moving earth. Compared with a crawler excavator, Wheeled excavators have higher mobility and have their own advantages in different work fields. If you are thinking of buying or leasing wheel excavator, determine your work project, and then choosing a reliable manufacturer will save you money.

The strength, stiffness and durability of the lower frame structure of the LY-60D Wheel excavator are 20% higher than those of similar models. The LUDV power balance system is adopted to finely control the rotation speed and control the flow and pressure at the same time. Low fuel efficiency, more suitable for light excavation tasks, can effectively reduce operating costs, and be more competitive in terms of economic benefits, helping you quickly open up the market and gain a higher market share

LY-65D Wheel Excavator Specifications





Rated Power:

39kW(53.04HP)/ 2200rpm

Bucket Capacity:


Main Boom:


Small Boom:


Max. Loading Capacity of Main boom:


Max. Loading Capacity of Bucket:


Max. Oil Flow:

138.6 L/min @ 2200rpm

Operating Weight:


The above specifications are standard specification data. The data of LY-60D Wheel excavator has been adjusted to be more suitable for light-duty work. As a manufacturer, luyu machinery will continue to optimize the specification data of the machine to have more powerful performance in light-duty excavation tasks. and versatility

The difference between wheeled excavator and crawler excavator

The main difference between the LY-60D Wheel excavator and the crawler excavator is the way of walking. Since the crawler excavator uses rubber or steel tracks, it will make the fuselage more stable in some complex terrains and increase the excavation force. When you want long-distance When moving the crawler excavator, you can use the trailer, which in a sense adds part of the cost.

One of the main advantages of wheeled excavators is high mobility. When moving over long distances, the wheeled excavator can be driven directly on the road without causing damage to the ground.

In terms of performance, crawler excavators and wheeled excavators are very similar. So how to choose the type of excavator depends on your application, if you need to move frequently, wheeled excavator is the best choice.

Product Features

LY-60D Wheel excavator is the smallest model of luyu machinery, its function and performance are 20% higher than the excavators of the same type

Flexibility: The walking mode of LY-60D Wheel excavator is wheeled, and its mobility on the road is better. It can quickly move from one working place to another, especially suitable for operations that require frequent movement, such as urban construction, road maintenance, etc.

Maneuverability: LY-60D Wheel excavator has a small size and turning radius, which makes it have excellent maneuverability in a narrow working space. This makes it easier for the operator to maneuver the machine for precise digging tasks.

Versatility: Can be equipped with various attachments such as buckets, drilling equipment, hydraulic clamps, etc. This versatility allows it to be adapted to different types of digging and carrying tasks, increasing productivity

Light excavation tasks: Due to its moderate size, the LY-60D Wheel excavator is mainly used for landscaping, pipe laying, light earth excavation, etc. It does its job without disrupting its surroundings.

Low ground pressure: Compared with large construction machinery, the LY-60D Wheel excavator has a working weight of 5.5 tons and has a light pressure on the ground. It has advantages when working on fragile ground or areas that need to protect the ground.

Low operating cost: using yanmar 4TNV98 engine, low fuel consumption, lower operating cost, more competitive in terms of economic benefits, whether it is leasing or selling wheeled excavators, it can help users quickly open up the market and increase their market share in the vicinity Rate.

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