LW17 1.7 Ton Mini Excavator
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LW17 1.7 Ton Mini Excavator

Luyu Machinery is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. Over the years, it has focused on independent innovation and is committed to producing high-quality, high-performance small excavators and other engineering machinery products. Meet the diverse needs of customers. Ensure that customers get the best benefits and satisfaction during use.

Model: LW17

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Product Description

Mini excavators excel in many areas, such as urban construction, small engineering projects, and agriculture. Here are some of the advantages of 1.7 ton mini excavator for working in agriculture.

1. Land preparation: 1.7 ton small excavator can be used to prepare farmland, such as leveling the land, plowing, weeding and clearing debris. It can quickly and effectively treat large areas of farmland, creating good soil conditions for the planting and growth of crops.

2. Drainage system construction: Drainage systems in farmland are crucial to maintaining soil moisture and draining excess water. The 1.7 ton mini excavator can be used to dig drainage ditches, build drainage pipes and canals to maintain suitable moisture levels in farmland.

3. Shed reconstruction construction: Micro excavators can also be used for shed reconstruction construction in agriculture, including digging foundations, building infrastructure and installing support structures. This helps improve the agricultural growing environment, provide better growing conditions and protect crops.

4. Crop harvesting: 1.7 ton small excavators can be equipped with various attachments, such as buckets, grab buckets and hooks, for harvesting and transporting crops. They can help farmers collect, load and transport crops efficiently and improve production efficiency. .

5. Irrigation system construction: Small excavators can be used to dig irrigation ditches and trim irrigation pipes. They can complete the excavation work quickly and accurately to ensure the normal operation of the irrigation system and the normal growth of crops.

6. Farmland maintenance: 1.7 ton small excavators can be used to maintain farmland, such as repairing land surfaces, leveling roads and field ridges, pruning vegetation, etc., providing a fast, efficient, and flexible way to keep farmland in good condition.

The use of small excavators in the agricultural field can improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural production, reduce labor requirements, shorten working hours, and provide precise and precise operations to help farmers better manage farmland and crops.

Product Parameters

Overall dimension


Machine weight


Engine brand


Engine horsepower


Climbing ability


Maximum digging depth


Maximum excavation height


Maximum unloading height


Maximum excavation radius


Minimum radius of turn


Maximum digging distance


Bulldozer lift height


Dozer drop depth


The overall size of the 1.7 ton mini excavator is 2550*1100*2200mm, and the standard engine is LAIDONG KM385. You can also choose other engine brands. It should be noted that the prices of different engine brands are different. If you have specified If you know your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, and we will recommend the most suitable selection and accessories for you.

Matters Needing Attention

In the article, we learned about the advantages of the 1.7 ton mini excavator in the agricultural field, and then there are some relevant precautions when using the mini excavator in agricultural work.

1. Soil protection: When carrying out land preparation and other agricultural work, pay special attention to protecting the soil, avoid over-excavating and compacting the soil to avoid damaging the soil structure and texture, and use appropriate accessories and tools to reduce unnecessary damage to the soil. damage.

2. Irrigation system: When digging irrigation ditches and building irrigation pipelines, ensure reasonable design to ensure reasonable supply and discharge of water sources, follow local irrigation regulations, and ensure the rationality and stability of the irrigation system.

3. Environmental awareness: Pay attention to environmental protection in agricultural work, follow local environmental regulations and policies, minimize noise and air pollution, and pay attention to protecting the surrounding ecological environment.

4. Consider the surrounding environment: When using the LW17 small excavator, pay attention to the safety and protection of the surrounding environment to avoid damage to surrounding crops, buildings and other facilities. Be especially careful when operating in small spaces to prevent collisions and accidents.

Product Details

Thickened rubber tracks are more wear-resistant and durable, extending service life.

Upgraded seats are more comfortable and reduce driver fatigue.

Optimized bucket design makes digging more labor-saving.

The rear cover can be opened and closed at a wide angle to facilitate daily maintenance.

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