LW15 1.5 Ton Mini Excavator
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LW15 1.5 Ton Mini Excavator

Luyu machinery is a construction machinery manufacturing factory that focuses on technological innovation and R&D investment and has a professional R&D team. Over the years, we have paid close attention to market demand and industry trends, continuously improved and optimized product design, introduced advanced technologies and solutions, and improved the performance and efficiency of small excavators. The LW15 1.5 ton mini excavator can be customized in size and configuration according to customer requirements, including the color of the excavator, engine model, attachments, etc. You can tailor your mini excavator to your specific project needs and work environment for optimal adaptability and efficiency.

Model: LW15

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Product Description

It can be seen from the product parameters that the climbing ability of the LW15 1.5 ton mini excavator is 30°, while the climbing ability of most small excavators is around 20°. The strong climbing ability also brings us more safety during construction operations. Lots of possibilities.

1. Expanded working range: The LW15 mini excavator’s powerful climbing ability can cope with various terrains and slopes of working environments, which allows it to enter and work in more rugged and sloped areas, such as mountains, hilly areas or other complex areas. The terrain thus expands the working range of the excavator.

2. Improve work efficiency: The powerful climbing ability enables the micro excavator to work in areas with large slopes, reducing the need to manually transport soil or materials. The micro excavator can operate directly on slopes for excavation and transportation. , bulldozing and other work, thereby improving work efficiency and productivity.

3. Improve mobility and flexibility: The LW15 mini excavator can move and operate on terrains with different slopes, which increases the mobility and flexibility of the mini excavator, allowing it to adapt to the working needs of different terrains and work in small areas. or operating in hard-to-reach areas such as hillsides, ravines, or other restricted spaces.

4. Reduce manpower requirements: The powerful climbing ability allows the LW15 1.5 ton mini excavator to work autonomously on slopes, reducing dependence on manpower. This can reduce manpower requirements and labor costs. Improve work efficiency and economic benefits.

Product Parameters

Overall dimension


Machine weight


Engine brand


Engine horsepower


Climbing ability


Maximum digging depth


Maximum excavation height


Maximum unloading height


Maximum excavation radius


Minimum radius of turn


Maximum digging distance


Bulldozer lift height


Dozer drop depth


The overall size of the 1.5 ton mini excavator is 2300*960*2250mm. The standard engine brand is YOUPU 2V80. You can also choose other brands of engines. It should be noted that the prices of engines of different brands are different. If you have Once you have clarified your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, and we will recommend the most suitable selection and configuration for you.

Genre selection

In different jobs, the 1.5 ton mini excavator can choose different attachments to improve work efficiency. The following is an introduction to several commonly used attachments and their functions.

1. Digging bucket: The digging bucket is one of the most basic and commonly used attachments on a small excavator. It is used to excavate, carry and load various materials, such as soil, gravel and gravel, etc. Buckets usually have different shapes and capacities to adapt to different excavation and handling needs.

2. Multi-tooth rake: A multi-tooth rake is an attachment with multiple teeth that can be used for soil improvement and aeration. The rake teeth can loosen the soil, reverse the soil, improve soil texture and drainage performance, and promote plant growth. The teeth of the multi-tooth rake also provide better traction, making the LW15 mini excavator more stable in loaded terrain and materials.

3. Tilt bucket: As the name suggests, a tilt bucket is a bucket that can tilt and rotate, used for precise excavation, slope preparation and equal-width excavation. Its swivel and tilt functions allow the operator to adjust the angle of the bucket to suit different digging and leveling needs.

4. Trenching bucket: 1.5 ton mini excavator’s trenching bucket is an attachment specially used for digging trenches. It is widely used in pipeline construction, line laying, fruit tree trenching and fertilization, etc. By using the trenching bucket, the mini excavator The required trench can be dug quickly and accurately.

In addition, we also have a variety of attachments for you to choose from. You can contact us at any time and we can recommend the attachments that are most suitable for your work.

Product Details

Multi-function operating lever makes operation more convenient

The small tailless design has a small rotation radius and is more suitable for working in small spaces.

The hydraulic oil level is displayed externally for real-time monitoring and convenient maintenance.

Thickened track design makes it more wear-resistant and increases service life.

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