LW10 1 Ton Mini Excavator
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LW10 1 Ton Mini Excavator

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Model: LW10

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Product Description

In order to meet the needs of different customers, the 1 ton mini excavator has launched two operating modes: hydraulic pilot and mechanical pilot. The following are the characteristics of the two operating modes.

Characteristics of hydraulic pilot

1. Precise control: The hydraulic pilot uses hydraulic signals to transmit operating instructions, which can achieve precise motion control. By controlling the switching and adjustment of the hydraulic valve, various actions of the excavator can be accurately controlled, such as boom expansion and contraction, bucket opening and closing, etc.

2. Flexibility: The 1 ton mini excavator hydraulic pilot system has high flexibility and response speed. It can quickly adjust the working pressure and flow of the hydraulic system to adapt to different working conditions and work needs. This allows the excavator to respond flexibly to different excavation tasks and improve work efficiency.

3. Power multiplication: 1 ton The hydraulic pilot system of a small excavator can achieve power multiplication through hydraulic transmission. Through components such as hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors, smaller input force is converted into larger output force, providing stronger excavation capacity and output carrying capacity.

Characteristics of mechanical pilot

1. Simple and reliable: The mechanical pilot uses mechanical transmission components such as mechanical connecting rods and rods to transmit operating instructions, which is simpler than the hydraulic system. It does not rely on hydraulic components and electronic control devices, and has high reliability and stability.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with hydraulic operation, the mechanical operation of the LW10 small excavator does not require additional energy consumption such as hydraulic oil and hydraulic pumps. Therefore, in some specific application scenarios, the mechanical pilot system can achieve lower energy consumption. consumption and greener operation.

3. Wide practicability: The mechanical pilot system is not limited by the working pressure and flow of the hydraulic system, and is suitable for various working conditions and environmental conditions. It shows good adaptability in some simple excavation tasks, such as earthwork leveling, small Scale mining, etc.

Generally speaking, the hydraulic operating system of the 1 ton mini excavator is softer, less labor-intensive, and easy to use. The mechanical operating system is simpler, more environmentally friendly, and easier to maintain. However, it should be noted that both the hydraulic pilot system and the mechanical pilot system have their own advantages, and the selection of the appropriate operation method should be determined based on actual needs and usage scenarios.

Product parameters

Overall dimension


Machine weight


Engine brand


Engine horsepower


Climbing ability


Maximum digging depth


Maximum excavation height


Maximum unloading height


Maximum excavation radius


Minimum radius of turn


Maximum digging distance


Bulldozer lift height


Dozer drop depth


The overall size of the 1 ton mini excavator is 2200*930*2250mm. In addition to installing the bucket, we also provide a variety of attachments for you to choose from. It should be noted that the prices of products with different attachments are different. If Once you know your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, and we will recommend the most suitable configuration and selection for you.

Product Details

Comes standard with KOOP engine, which is more durable.

The large-angle opening and closing design of the rear of the car facilitates daily maintenance.

Thickened dozer blade design enhances durability and reduces the risk of deformation and damage during strong dozing operations.

The small tailless design is more suitable for working in small spaces.

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