958 Small Wheel Loader
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958 Small Wheel Loader

Luyu International is a professional manufacturer of wheel loaders, represented by the 958 small wheel loader series of wheel loaders, a wide range of applications, whether loading and unloading, stacking or handling. Our loaders are all up to the task. Our product line covers all sizes and power ranges to meet different customer needs. Whether it's a small loader or a large loader, we offer flexible configuration and customization options to suit different working environments and needs..

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Product Description

The 958 small wheel loader is a wheel loader with a rated load capacity of 3 tons. Compared with the small loader, the load capacity of 3 tons can handle heavier materials and goods, which makes the 958 small wheel loader able to carry more construction materials, soil, stones and so on. On construction sites, this means moving more material at once. Saving time and handling times. Improve work efficiency, compared with small loaders, they can complete loading and unloading tasks more quickly, reduce loading time and improve construction progress. The 958 small wheel loader is suitable for medium scale engineering projects, such as small construction sites, road maintenance and agricultural fields, which have enough load capacity to meet the daily construction needs of these projects. And the 958 small wheel loader has a certain degree of mobility and flexibility. They can be freely rotated and operated in narrow working areas, adapting to narrow road and site environments. This makes it easier for the 958 small wheel loader to adjust the position. Adapt to diverse construction scenarios. The 3-ton 958 small wheel loader has a lower fuel consumption than a large loader. This is an advantage for day-to-day construction as they can work for longer periods of time, reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

Bucket capacity

1.5 m³

Bucket width

2400 mm


3000 kg

Total weight

8580 kg

Engine type

Yuchai6105T 92KW/123HP

Overall size

7550*2470*3350 mm

Dumping height

3800 mm

Minimum ground clearance

430 mm

Minimumturning radius

3725 mm



The 3t 958 small wheel loader is suitable for a variety of working environments, whether in agriculture, engineering projects or warehousing and logistics, wheel loaders have excellent performance, especially in warehousing and logistics centers, the advantages of the 958 small wheel loader are more obvious.

1. High cargo handling efficiency: the 3-ton load loader can handle more cargo at one time. Compared with the small loader, the 958 small wheel loader can complete the loading and unloading task more quickly. This improves the efficiency of cargo handling and shortens loading and unloading time.

2. Flexibility to adapt to different goods: Warehousing logistics usually design a variety of types, shapes and sizes of goods. The 3-ton loaders are more flexible in handling different types of cargo. Whether in bulk, pallet or packaged goods, the 958 small wheel loader ADAPTS and handles efficiently.

3. Adapt to small working space: the working space in warehouses and logistics is relatively small, requiring flexible operation of mechanical equipment. The 3-ton loaders are relatively small in size and can be freely turned and operated in a limited space. This enables the 958 small wheel loader to adapt to narrow aisles, shelves and stacking areas, increasing the flexibility of storage operations.

4. Improve the efficiency of stacking goods: goods in the warehouse usually need to be stacked to maximize the use of vertical space. The 3-ton loader is equipped with the appropriate forklift attachment for efficient cargo stacking operations. This helps to improve the storage capacity of the warehouse and the organization of the goods.

5. Reduce human labor: Compared with pure manual handling, the 958 small wheel loader can reduce the need for human labor. They can take on more handling tasks, reduce the burden of manual handling, improve work efficiency, and reduce the potential risk of personal injury.

6. Optimize the logistics process: The application of 958 small wheel loader can optimize the overall process of warehousing logistics. They are able to move and load goods quickly, moving goods from one link of the supply chain to another, helping to improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics.

When we use the loader to complete the work of warehousing logistics, we should carry out timely maintenance of the loader

1. Cleaning and sweeping: Use a clean cloth or brush to remove dust, oil and residue on the surface of the 958 small wheel loader. Make sure to clean the outside of the machine, including the body, cab and engine compartment. Flush the radiator and air intakes with high pressure air or water. To remove accumulated dust and debris. This helps maintain the cooling effect of the engine and normal air flow.

2. Lubrication: Regularly lubricate the joints, bearings and other moving parts of the hydraulic system with appropriate lubricating oil or grease, and ensure that the lubricating oil or grease reaches the correct lubrication point. Check and lubricate key components of the steering system, such as steering columns and knuckles.

3. Check the liquid level: Check the liquid level of the 958 small wheel loader hydraulic tank and engine coolant. If the liquid level is low, add the right amount of hydraulic oil.

4. Check the filter: Check the hydraulic oil filter regularly and replace or clean it as recommended. Dirty filters may reduce the performance of the hydraulic system. It is also necessary to check the air filter regularly, and a clean air filter helps prevent dust and debris from entering the engine, improving combustion efficiency and protecting the engine.

5. Tire maintenance: Check the air pressure of the 958 small wheel loader tire, proper air pressure can improve handling, reduce wear and save fuel. It is also necessary to regularly check the wear of the tires and, if necessary, replace severely worn tires to ensure the safety and efficiency of the loader.

6. Check the battery: Check the battery power of the 958 small wheel loader. If the battery power is low, charge it with an appropriate charging device to ensure the normal operation of the battery. Check the tightness of battery connectors and cables, and repair or replace connectors if they are loose or corroded.

7. Check the brake system: Check the brake fluid level of the 958 small wheel loader to ensure that the liquid level is within the appropriate range, and add the appropriate amount of brake fluid as required. Check the wear of the brake disc and brake disc regularly. If the brake disc is seriously worn or the brake disc is cracked or deformed, it should be replaced in time.

8. Regular maintenance: Perform regular maintenance at specified intervals. This may involve replacing specific parts, checking electrical systems, calibrating controllers, etc. Record the date of each maintenance, the content of the maintenance and the parts used. This helps track the 958 small wheel loader maintenance history and schedule the next maintenance in a timely manner.

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