946MAX Grain Bucket Loader
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946MAX Grain Bucket Loader

Luyu Machinery is a professional export experience of industry and trade in one of the construction machinery manufacturers, when you buy Luyu brand machinery, we will provide you with professional services, we can according to your requirements for mass production of products to ensure product quality and delivery time. Our factory has also established a strict quality control system to carry out strict quality control and inspection to ensure that products meet your requirements and international standards. The 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader is a large capacity Grain Bucket Loader, if you are in need of a right hand to help you in the agricultural field, then the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader will be a good choice.

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Product Description

The 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader adopts some special design and functions to better adapt to the needs of grain loading, improve loading efficiency, protect the integrity of grain, and reduce the loss and waste of grain. Let's take a look at what upgrades the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader can make.

1. Wide and shallow Bucket: The 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader usually has a wide and shallow bucket design, so that it can hold more grain. The wide bucket improves loading efficiency, while the shallower design ensures that grain flows smoothly during loading, reducing the risk of jams and clogging.

2. Bucket tilt and tipping function: In order to facilitate loading and unloading of Grain, the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader has adjustable tilt and tipping function. The operator can adjust the tilt Angle of the bucket through the control system to adapt to different loading and unloading heights.

3. Fast unloading system: In order to improve loading and unloading efficiency, some grain bucket loaders are equipped with a fast unloading system. These systems can quickly dump grain in the bucket, reducing unloading time and improving operational efficiency.

4. Bucket wall design: The wall of the 946MAX Grain bucket adopts smooth material and inclined Angle, which can reduce the friction and grain jam during the loading process, avoid crushing and loss, and maintain the integrity of the grain.

5. Food protection: The 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader pays more attention to the protection of food in design and operation. For example, the use of low-speed loading and slow unloading methods to reduce the impact and vibration of grain, avoid damage or fragmentation.

Product parameter

Bucket capacity

2.4 m³

Bucket width

2400*1000 mm

Rated deadweight

3000 kg

Machine weight

6750 kg

Engine type

YUNNEI 4108T 90KW/121HP

Overall size

8255*2280*3030 mm

Unloading height

4800 mm

Ground clearance

343 mm

Minimum turning radius

5000 mm



The overall size of the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader is 8255*2280* 3030mm, the unloading height is 4800 mm, our standard equipment is the bucket, but we provide a variety of accessories for you to choose. It is important to note that the price of different equipment configurations is different. No matter what questions you have, you can contact us, our professional sales team will recommend the most suitable selection and configuration for you.

The 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader has a capacity of 2.4m³, which means that the loader can handle a large amount of grain or other materials at one time. It can significantly improve work efficiency, reduce the number of loading and unloading, save time and labor costs. The large capacity of the Bucket enables the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader to complete the handling task in a short time. It can quickly load large amounts of grain from the stacked grain pile and transfer it to the target location. This efficiency improves workflow smoothness and productivity. The 2.4m³ Bucket capacity makes the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader highly adaptable. It can handle different types and densities of grain, as well as other kinds of materials, such as soil, sand and gravel. This makes the loader useful for both field work and some engineering projects. The loader's large capacity bucket, combined with adjustable tilt Angle and turn function, provides greater flexibility and maneuverability. The operator can adjust the tilt Angle and direction of the bucket as needed to adapt to different loading and unloading requirements. Large capacity buckets reduce the number of times and distance the loader has to travel, thereby reducing the risk of potential accidents and operational errors. In addition, the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader's large capacity bucket can also reduce loading instability factors, improve the stability and safety of operation.

The tires of the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader also have excellent wear resistance because they are used in a variety of terrains and operating conditions, including land, roads and yards. These tires are made of high-strength rubber material and have a special pattern design to increase wear resistance and extend service life. Because the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader works to move a large amount of grain and other crops, the tires need to have enough carrying capacity. This means that tires need to be able to withstand heavy and heavy loads, and maintain stability and safety. In order to ensure that the 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader will work properly on all kinds of terrain, the tires have a good grip. The tire pattern design and rubber material can provide good traction, so that the loader can maintain stability on wet, muddy or rough ground. The 946MAX Grain Bucket Loader's tires also have some anti-slip properties to reduce the risk of sliding on slopes or uneven surfaces, and some tires may be designed with special anti-slip materials or patterns to provide additional stability and safety. Since loaders often work in fields and other environments, tires need to have a certain degree of self-cleaning to prevent the accumulation of mud and other debris, and the design of tires includes self-cleaning patterns or special drainage channels to ensure good self-cleaning effects.

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