946 wheel loader
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946 wheel loader

We are a construction machinery manufacturing plant with a strong focus on quality and reliability. All loaders are subject to strict quality control and testing to ensure their durability and stability.

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Product Description

Luyu machinery adopts high quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology. Combine best practices in construction machinery manufacturing to ensure that every loader meets quality standards. 946 small wheel loader is a very practical wheel loader, through the quick change device can achieve a multi-purpose machine, can play a key role in various fields.

The quick-change device allows the 946 small wheel loader to quickly replace different types of accessory tools, such as buckets, forks, steel forceps, etc. This allows operators to quickly switch tools and adapt to different work needs, thereby increasing work efficiency and productivity. Traditionally, replacement units have required tools and additional labor to complete. The quick change device can complete the replacement of tools in a few minutes, saving tedious manual operation and additional labor costs, saving valuable time. The 946 small wheel loader quick change device has been specially engineered and tested to ensure that it is robust and reliable, and provides good safety during use. Compared to traditional manual replacement devices, quick-change devices reduce the time and risk of the operator's contact with the tool, reducing the potential for injury and accident. The quick-change device enables the 946 small wheel loader to adapt to different work scenarios and task requirements. By changing different tools, the 946 small wheel loader can be used for loading, unloading, grasping, leveling and other operations to meet the requirements of different industries and applications. Thanks to the flexibility of the quick-change unit, the same loader can accommodate more types of work, reducing the need to purchase and maintain multiple dedicated units. This can reduce the cost of equipment and improve the efficiency of capital utilization.

Bucket capacity

1.1 m³

Bucket width

2000 mm


2500 kg


5800 kg

Engine type

YN4108T 90KW/122HP

Overall size

6520*2230*3020 mm


3500 mm

Minimum ground clearance

380 mm

Minimumturning radius

3470 mm



In daily use, the 946 small wheel loader equipment also needs regular maintenance to ensure its performance and life. The first is cleaning, after use, clean the equipment in time to remove the soil, residue or other debris attached to the surface. Use water and a brush to clean the tool and make sure it is completely dry to prevent rust. Also regularly check the cutting edge, teeth, claws and other parts of the wear and structural integrity. If excessive wear or damage is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the normal operation and safe use of the tool. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, the lubrication points of the accessory tools are regularly lubricated, using appropriate lubricants to ensure that the lubrication points are sufficiently lubricated to reduce friction and wear. Periodically check the fastening bolts and connection points of accessory tools to ensure that they are secure and reliable. If it is found loose or worn, it should be tightened or replaced in time. If the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and clean place to avoid exposure to bad weather conditions, and for parts that are easy to rust, you can consider using anti-rust agents for protection. The 946 small wheel loader should be regularly serviced and maintained according to the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer. Including cleaning, lubrication, inspection and adjustment. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and perform maintenance according to the specified service cycle to ensure the performance and life of the tool.

When we find that the 946 small wheel loader is worn, we can immediately stop using the 946 small wheel loader and the damaged device to prevent further damage or create a safety risk. Prevent accidents by securely isolating the 946 small wheel loader from damaged accessories and ensuring that people around the damaged parts are not close to them. Conduct a thorough inspection of the damaged fittings to determine the extent and extent of the damage and carefully observe for breakage, deformation, wear or other visible signs of damage. Take appropriate repair or replacement measures according to the extent and nature of the damage. If the damage can be repaired by repair, make sure there is an experienced technician or repair team to perform the operation. If the equipment is badly damaged beyond repair, new data may need to be replaced. During the repair process, we record key steps, materials and tools used, and the date and time of the repair operation. These records can be used for future reference and help in the designation of maintenance plans. After repair or replacement, the necessary tests and verification are carried out to ensure that the 946 small wheel loader and accessories can operate properly and meet the safety and performance requirements.

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