946 Small Wheel Loader
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946 Small Wheel Loader

Shandong Luyu Machinery was established in 2005. It is an engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It has always regarded customer needs as the direction of product development. The loader series represented by the 946 Small Wheel Loader, With excellent product quality and good after-sales service, it is exported to many countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, and South Africa. Whether you are a dealer or an individual, this machine will bring you a different experience.

Model: 946

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Product Description

The 946 Small Wheel Loaderr is a high-performance loader with fast overall speed, good acceleration performance, strong explosive rate, and high operating efficiency. Not only did we use a supercharged version of the engine, we also upgraded the gearbox to a split type gearbox. Here are some of the advantages of a split transmission.

1. Easy repair and maintenance. The split gearbox is composed of several independent components, so it is easier to repair and maintain. If a failure occurs, only the affected parts need to be replaced without dismantling the entire gearbox, which saves cost and time and reduces the risk of errors during repairs.

2. Lower cost. Since the split gearbox of the ZL946 small loader can replace damaged parts individually, the repair cost is lower. This is an important advantage for users who use and maintain loaders for a long time.

3. Excellent heat dissipation performance. The loader may generate a large amount of heat during operation, especially the gearbox. Due to its structural design, the split gearbox can better disperse and dissipate heat, which helps to reduce the speed of the gearbox. temperature, improving the thermal management performance of the entire system.

4. Flexibility and customizability. The design of split gearboxes is usually more flexible and can be customized according to specific needs. Different parts can be combined and replaced to adapt to specific application scenarios and work requirements. This flexibility makes The split gearbox better adapts to the configuration and working environment of the loader.

946 Small Wheel Loader parameters



Bucket capacity


Bucket width


Dumping height


Rate load


Ground clearance


Total weight


Min.turning radius


Engine type

Yunnei 4108T



The overall size of the 946 small loader is 6715*2230*2950mm. The engine model, bucket capacity, unloading height, etc. of this machine can be optional. Of course, the prices of different accessories will be different. If you are clear about your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, and we will recommend the most suitable configuration and model for you.

946 Small Wheel Loader Features

The 946 small loader adopts a high-efficiency linkage mechanism, which is a combination of the loader's hydraulic system and a linkage mechanism, used to realize the lifting and tilting functions of the bucket. This high-efficiency linkage mechanism allows the loader to have a larger lift force and tilt angle, and the operation is flexible and responsive, improving the work efficiency and productivity of the loader. This enables the ZL946 small loader to better adapt to harsh working environments. For example, earthworks and infrastructure construction on construction sites can be used to excavate soil, load and move sand, gravel, mud and other construction materials. Ore can also be mined in mines and quarries. The loader can operate in rugged terrain and harsh working conditions. In the agricultural field, it can be used to clean farmland, transport agricultural products and feed, stack hay, and move agricultural equipment. . During the snow season, the 946 small loader can be replaced with attachments such as a snow thrower or snow shovel to clear snow on roads and parking lots to keep the roads clear.

Of course, the 946 small loader has more uses. Small loaders are widely used in garbage disposal, ports and freight places, and warehousing and logistics.

946 Small Wheel Loader Details

High-quality rubber tires are more wear-resistant and have a long service life.

Equipped with high-definition glass, the field of view is wider.

Adjustable seat, ergonomic and more comfortable.

A reversing image is optional to reduce blind spots and make it safer.

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