940 Small Wheel Loader
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940 Small Wheel Loader

Luyu Machinery, located in Laizhou, Shandong Province, China's small construction machinery production base, was founded in 2005. The company covers an area of more than 120,000 square meters. It is a company specializing in the production of loaders, self-loading mixers, small excavators, etc., among which The production capacity exceeds 40,000 units. The company has strong comprehensive strength, integrating product research and development, production, sales and service, and has taken the lead in passing EU CE certification and ISO9001 international quality system certification. Luyu Machinery produces 940 Small Wheel Loader with first-class performance, outstanding durability and low price. With its good service and after-sales service, it has won praise from domestic and foreign customers and is your best choice for purchasing loaders.

Model: 940

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Product Description

The engine power of the 940 Small Wheel Loader is 76KW, which can provide enough power to perform various loading and handling tasks, suitable for the requirements of different projects and sites, and also has high fuel efficiency. In addition, the ZL940 small loader has a high carrying capacity and lifting height, and can be used in a variety of work scenarios whether in construction sites, logistics and warehousing, agriculture and other industries. The small turning radius and maneuverability make it have good operational flexibility, and it has good operability in narrow working spaces or complex terrain. It can easily adapt to various working conditions and provide efficient and precise operation. While meeting general work needs and typically having lower fuel consumption and operating costs, the ZL940 small loader provides an economical and practical option suitable for small and medium-sized projects or projects with requirements for cost control.

940 Small Wheel Loader parameters



Total Weight


Rated bucket capacity


Engine type

Yunnei 4108

Power of engine


Dumping height


Dumping reach


Minimum ground clearance


Bucket width




wheel base


wheel track


Thickness of upper plate


Arm thickness


The overall size of the 940 small loader is 8255*2680*3030mm, and the engine uses the 76KW Yunnei4108. You can also choose other engine models. It should be noted that the price of the loader will be different when you choose different accessories. Once you have clarified your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, and we will recommend the most suitable configuration and selection for you.

940 Small Wheel Loader maintenance

Tires account for a large proportion of the later maintenance costs of a loader, so it is very important to maintain the tires regularly, which will extend the service life of the tires while ensuring their performance and safety. The following are some common maintenance methods.

1. Tire pressure check. Regularly check the tire pressure of the ZL940 small loader to ensure that it meets the standards recommended by the manufacturer. Incorrect tire pressure will cause uneven tread friction, reduced durability and reduced fuel efficiency. Check with a suitable tire pressure gauge and adjust if necessary.

2. Tire cleaning. Some tires have their own cleaning function, but you still need to check whether the tires need cleaning frequently. Some dirt and chemicals may cause damage to the tires, leading to aging and breakage. You can keep your tires clean by wiping them with warm water and a mild detergent.

3. Alignment and balance. Regularly adjust the positioning and balance of the tires of the ZL940 small loader. Incorrect wheel alignment and imbalance may cause the loader tires to wear unevenly or sway, affecting control and driving stability.

4. Pay attention to the load limit, comply with the load limit of the loader tires, and do not overload. Overloading may cause excessive tire deformation, damage, and puncture. Make sure you know your loader's load capacity and tire load ratings and follow the regulations.

5. Perform regular inspections on the loader's tires. If wear, cracks, punctures and other damage are found, timely repair measures or tire replacement should be taken to ensure safety and good performance.

6. Drive carefully, develop good driving habits, and avoid sudden braking, sharp turns, violent collisions and other violent driving behaviors, which will cause additional damage to the tires.

940 Small Wheel Loader Details

Heavy-duty drive axle, more stable performance.

High-quality lighting headlights provide the driver with good visibility.

Adjustable and comfortable air-cushion seats reduce driver fatigue and improve work efficiency.

The reversing image function is optional to increase the field of view and reduce blind spots.

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