928FC Compact Wheel Loader
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928FC Compact Wheel Loader

Luyu Machinery was officially registered and established in 2005 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and a production workshop of over 60000 square meters. It is one of the largest manufacturers of wheel loading mechanisms in China. The 928FC compact wheel loader is mainly used for export to Europe and America. The product adopts a European style appearance design and refined pipeline design, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection. The bucket automatic leveling function reduces driver fatigue, and noise reduction technology is used to protect the driver's physical and mental health, making it easy for drivers to work all day long.

Model: 928FC

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Product Description

The working weight of the 928FC compact wheel loader is 1500kg, the overall size: 5600*1810*2680mm, 4 wheel loaders can provide good mobility, and the hydraulic system can realize the lifting and tilting of the front bucket to achieve loading, unloading and leveling. materials such as soil, gravel, building materials, etc. The bucket capacity of the compact wheel loader varies according to different manufacturers, usually the bucket capacity is between 0.5m³~1.5m³, the bucket capacity depends on the size, purpose and engineering requirements of the wheel loader, 928FC compact The bucket capacity of the wheel loader is 0.56m³, and the bucket width is 1800mm. It is generally used for small work space or light loading work. If you want to buy a wheel loader, it is very important to choose the right specification. Reasonable advice can save you investment cost

Product specifications

Rated bucket capacity


Hopper width


Rated load


Total weight


Engine type

YN 25

Power of engine


Dumping height


Dumping reach


Minimum ground clearance


Minimun Turning


Unloading angle






Distance between axles


Distance between wheels


Transmission assembly

265 Integrated double High-Speed Gear Box



Maximum fuel consumption


To buy or rent a compact wheel loader, check the product specifications in detail. The specification values here can be changed according to different customer requirements, and product configuration changes will also affect the price range of the wheel loader. Make sure you choose the right wheel loader

Product Features

The 928FC compact wheel loader can easily handle a weight of 1500kg, which makes it suitable for a variety of tasks in construction, agriculture and logistics, from moving sand, stones, dirt to cleaning up construction waste.

The compact design of the 928FC compact wheel loader allows it to operate in tight spaces and is suitable for a variety of jobsites and yards. Its small size and flexibility can help you complete tasks in tight spaces, thereby improving work efficiency.

The 928FC compact wheel loader is equipped with a powerful power system and a sensitive control system to ensure safety and high efficiency.

As a wheel loader manufacturer, combined with market research, when designing and developing the 928FC compact wheel loader, Lu Yu focused on improving the working efficiency of the wheel loader machine, thereby saving time and cost. It also has low maintenance costs and high cost performance

Our company provides professional pre-sales and after-sales support to ensure that you get the best service and support during the purchase and use. Our professional team will provide customized solutions according to your needs to meet your specific needs

Product Details

1.The streamlined rear hood design conforms to the aesthetics of European and American customers.

2.The 928FC compact wheel loader is articulated and has a smaller turning radius for greater flexibility. At the same time, the articulation point of the articulated loader allows the machine to turn left and right, making it easier to reach narrow or hard-to-reach places.

3.Adopt Yunnei 25 engine, economical and fuel-efficient, compact structure, small size, light weight, good dynamic performance, small vibration, low noise and good performance.

4.20.5-16 tires, good grip, anti-slip and good mud and sewage.

5. Adjustable suspension seat, made of fabric fabric for better ventilation, equipped with seat belts.

6.Large capacity bucket It can easily handle a large number of materials, including sand, stone, soil and Construction waste.

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