926C Mini Wheel Loader
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926C Mini Wheel Loader

Luyu loader is one of the most popular manufacturers in China, the main parts of 926C mini wheel loader are manufactured by robot welding, CNC machine tools, laser cutting machines. Such as front and rear racks, booms, counterweights, etc. The quality is reliable, and the thickness of the whole part is increased to make the wheel loader machine more stable. The working weight of 926 mini wheel loader is 1600kg, compared with the cheap price of large loaders, it can still be promoted when facing light or medium-duty work challenges.

Model: 926C

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Product Description

The load capacity of the 926C mini wheel loader is an important specification that needs to be paid attention to when purchasing a wheel loader. The load capacity of the 926C is 1600kg. In addition to the load capacity, the following specifications are also important indicators:

Maximum unloading height: The maximum unloading height refers to the maximum height that the mini wheel loader can lift when loading materials. This data is very important for projects that need to unload materials to a certain height. The unloading height of 926C mini wheel loader is 3200mm, and it is generally used for roofs, high walls, barns, trucks, transport vehicles, silos, etc.

Maximum unloading distance: The maximum unloading distance refers to the farthest distance that the mini wheel loader can reach when unloading materials. The unloading distance of 926C mini wheel loader is 705mm. For example, in the field cleaning project, handling garbage, waste, warehouse and light industry handling light materials, such as cartons, plastic bags, light metal, the unloading distance of 705mm is enough to load these materials into trucks or garbage piles. In the project of moving goods and moving goods from one place to another, mini wheel loader can be used to move goods, such as taking goods from shelves and loading them to another place

Maximum climbing ability: The maximum climbing ability refers to the maximum slope that the mini wheel loader can climb. The climbing angle of 926C is 25°. The working environment on the slope is very important.


Turning radius: The turning radius refers to the minimum radius required by the mini wheel loader when turning. The turning radius of the 926C mini wheel loader is 4150mm, which can work in a narrow space.

In addition to the indicators listed above, the weight of the wheel loader equipment, engine power, and fuel consumption are all very important. Finding a wheel loader that suits you will help you control costs

Product specifications

Total Weight


Rated bucket capacity


Hopper width


Rated load


Engine type

YN 25

Power of engine


Dumping height


Dumping reach


Minimun Turning


Minimum ground clearance


Arm thickness





Isuzu air brake axle

Wheel base


Wheel track


Transmission assembly




climbing angles


Luyu loader accepts customization and adjusts the specification value according to user needs. We suggest confirming your requirements before purchasing, and our technical experts will recommend the most suitable machine for you.

Product Features

Lightweight and portable: mini wheel loaders are usually lighter and more portable than large loaders, and can easily enter small work places, such as indoors or narrow construction sites. This makes it ideal for use in areas such as urban construction, road maintenance, gardening and agriculture.

Strong Adaptability: The mini wheel loader can be adapted to a variety of different workplaces and tasks, including cleaning up garbage, loading and unloading goods, digging soil, leveling the site, etc. It can be equipped with various attachments and working devices to meet different working needs.

High efficiency and energy saving: mini wheel loader usually adopts hydraulic drive system, which has fast and stable working efficiency, and also has high energy-saving performance. Some models can also use clean energy, such as electricity, to reduce environmental impact.

High safety: mini wheel loader is usually equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as reversing sensors, seat belts, anti-rollover systems, etc. These safety devices keep operators safe and reduce accidents.

Easy maintenance: The repair and maintenance of mini wheel loader is very important, they can ensure the service life and performance of the machine

Mini wheel loader Maintenance:

Daily maintenance: Daily maintenance includes cleaning the machine, replacing the air filter, checking and replacing engine oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, etc. Regular daily maintenance can keep the machine running efficiently and stably.

Periodic Inspection: Periodic inspection includes inspection and replacement of the machine's tires, brake system, battery, hydraulic system, engine and transmission system, etc. Regular inspection can find and solve the problems of the machine in time, so as to avoid the failure or unexpected situation of the machine.

Replacement parts: According to the service life and wear degree, the parts of the machine need to be replaced regularly, such as brake pads, tires, hydraulic lines, transmission belts, etc. Timely replacement of parts can ensure the safe, efficient and stable operation of the machine.

Cleaning the Radiator and Cooling System: Cleaning the radiator and cooling system can prevent overheating and machine failure. When using the machine, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the radiator and cooling system.

Anti-rust and anti-corrosion: The body and parts of the mini wheel loader are susceptible to oxidation and corrosion. Therefore, anti-corrosion measures need to be taken, such as spraying anti-rust paint on the machine, regular cleaning and coating anti-corrosion oil, etc.

Product Details

1.The weight of the 926C mini wheel loader is 3275kg, the working weight is 1600kg, the overall size is:5590*1910*2780mm, the structure is compact, and it can be operated in a limited space

2.YN 25 engine power 37kW, other brands of engines can be selected.

3.The bucket capacity is 0.45m³, the size of the bucket equipped with the mini wheel loader will also be different, within a reasonable range, support optional.

4.With manual joystick, the driver can easily operate and control the machine.

5.The cab is spacious in design, provides good visibility and comfortable seats, and is equipped with good sound insulation measures.

6.The mini wheel loader uses wear-resistant special tires for construction machinery to adapt to different construction site environments.

7.Articulated, flexible, stable and adaptable, especially suitable for loading and handling tasks in narrow spaces or complex working conditions such as uneven ground.

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