3.8 Ton Mini Excavators
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3.8 Ton Mini Excavators

Shandong LUYU Machinery is a professional LY-38 3.8 Ton Mini Excavators manufacturer and a national-level technological innovation enterprise in China. It has a complete machine production line and quality inspection links, especially the production of small excavators. After continuous research and development and innovation, 3.8 tons of mini excavators The machine already has a very complete operating system and maintenance-free system. Not only that, it is also a very stylish 3.8-ton mini excavator in appearance.

Model: LY-38

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Product Description

The 3.8-ton excavator is more moderate in size, which makes it flexible and versatile in various engineering projects. It can not only adapt to small and medium-sized construction sites, but also work in narrow areas. Moreover, compared with smaller Excavators, 3.8-ton excavators have more powerful power and excavation capabilities. Compared with large excavators, they are more flexible and easier to transport. Because of its smooth appearance, high configuration, low noise, superior performance, and low fuel consumption, it is very suitable for municipal landscaping, concrete pavement crushing and other tasks. Using quick-release joints, you can quickly switch between multiple attachments, and easily have multiple functions such as excavation, crushing, drilling, and bulldozing, truly realizing one machine with multiple functions, reducing operating costs and improving work efficiency.

LY-38 3.8 Ton Mini Excavators specifications

Overall dimension (L*W*H)


Axle base(Track length on ground)


Length of rubber track


Track gauge


Minimum Ground clearance


Swing radius at tail


Swing radius at front


Height of blade


Maximum Digging height


Maximum Dumping height


Maximum Digging depth


Maximum Vertical digging depth


Maximum Digging distance(working radius)


Maximum digging distance (on ground)


Minimum swing radius


Max.height when min.swing radius


Maximum Lifting height of blade


Maximum Cutting depth of blade


Boom swing angle(Left/Right)


Emission Standard

Euro 5,EPA4

Make /Model


Power /Rotation speed


Number of cylinder



In-line,water cooled, 4-stroke ,mechanical pump, normally aspirated





The overall size of this machine is 4915*1720*2525mm. The engine adopts Kubota D1703 model engine. Kubota engine is widely recognized for its reliability, fuel economy, low noise and vibration, easy maintenance and environmental protection. They perform well in various applications, providing users with efficient and reliable power solutions. Meet Euro 5, EPA4 emission standards, more environmentally friendly, you can purchase with confidence.

Product maintenance

The 3.8-ton mini excavator is highly maintenance-free, which is specifically reflected in the following aspects.

1. Simplified maintenance procedures, the rear hood of the 3.8-ton mini excavator can gain direct access to the engine, hydraulic system and other key components, saving maintenance time and improving maintenance efficiency.

2. Durable and reliable components, the 3.8-ton mini excavator adopts high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure its durability and reliability. They undergo strict testing and quality control to adapt to various working conditions and environments , which can fully reduce the risk of failure and damage.

3. High-quality seals and connections can effectively prevent hydraulic oil leakage, which not only improves the performance and efficiency of the equipment, but also reduces maintenance work caused by leakage.

4. Shandong LUYU Machinery will provide you with detailed maintenance guidance and support, including maintenance manuals, training and technical support. Such support can help you better understand the maintenance needs of your excavator and learn how to perform simple maintenance tasks.

However, it should be noted that although small excavators are relatively maintenance-free, regular preventive maintenance is still the key to ensuring long-term and efficient operation of small excavators. Therefore, we should perform regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure the excavator’s Long-term reliability and excellent performance.

Product Details

Comfort seat and hydraulic operating handle

Thickened bulldozer blade design, hydraulic cylinder increased protection plate design, more secure

The opening and closing angle of the machine cover is large, which is convenient for daily inspection and maintenance

The standard Kubota engine has superior performance and is more efficient and reliable.

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