240HP Large Tractor
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240HP Large Tractor

Luyu Heavy Industry is a professional factory that produces engineering machinery, integrating trade and production. It has a strong sales network and after-sales service. For many years, it has been committed to producing products that are popular with customers, continuously developing and innovating new products, and has over a hundred patents. It is the best choice for you to choose tractors and other engineering machinery products.

Model: 240HP

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Product Description

Large tractors have stronger power and traction, capable of handling heavier loads and larger agricultural equipment, providing higher work capacity and efficiency. They also have more additional features and accessory options, providing better driving comfort and handling. Large tractors are also powerful assistants in agricultural operations, capable of handling larger and complex tasks and improving work efficiency.

1. Greater power and carrying capacity: The LYT2404 Wheel tractor has higher power and torque output, capable of handling larger scale agricultural or engineering tasks. Can carry and operate heavier equipment and carry out more complex operations, such as large farming machinery, harvesters, excavation equipment, etc.

2. Higher efficiency and productivity: Due to its higher power and carrying capacity, the LYT2404 Wheel tractor can complete tasks faster, improving work efficiency and production capacity. More workload can be completed in a shorter time, reducing the time cost of agricultural production or engineering construction.

3. Adapt to various complex industrial and agricultural operations: LYT2404 Wheel tractor is suitable for complex agricultural and engineering tasks. For example, they can be used for large-scale farmland cultivation, large-scale crop harvesting, large-scale earthworks, construction, and so on. They have more advantages in handling large-scale and complex tasks.

4. Better stability and handling: Due to its larger size and weight, the LYT2404 Wheel tractor has better stability and balance, which makes it easier to handle and operate under different terrains and working conditions, providing higher safety and control.

5. Longer service life and higher durability: The LYT2404 Wheel tractor adopts a stronger structure and more durable materials to cope with more demanding working environments and workloads. It has a longer service life and higher durability, and can withstand longer and more important uses.

Product parameters


LYT2404 4WD Wheeled tractor

Overall dimension(L x W x H)mm


Wheel base


Regular wheel tread(adjustable)


Min ground clearance


min weight


Standard Counterweight(Front/rear)


Number of shift gears


Maxi. theoretical design speed


Type of roll protection device   


Engine power 

177 kw@2200rpm

Engine cooling mode 

Water cooling

Air filter type 


Steering system type 

hydraulic steering

Tyre Model(Front/Rear)

540/65R28 650/65R38

Hydraulic suspension system type


Type of suspension Three-point rear


Number of hydraulic output groups 


Splines of pto shaft


Standard speed of pto shaft  


The size of LYT2404 Wheel tractor product is 5320 * 2750 * 3120mm, and the color of the product can be customized according to your requirements. Once you have clarified your job responsibilities, you can contact us and send it to our technical team. We will recommend the most suitable selection and configuration for you.

Product advantages

The LYT2404 wheeled tractor has strong appeal, and for large tractors, it has the following advantages.

1. Handling heavy objects: The powerful attraction enables the LYT2404 wheeled tractor to handle heavy objects. In the agricultural field, the LYT2404 wheeled tractor can tow larger agricultural machinery and equipment, such as large farming machinery, harvesters, and even large agricultural vehicles. In the industrial and construction fields, they can tow and move heavy equipment and materials, such as excavators, bulldozers, concrete mixers, etc.

2. Dealing with complex terrains: The powerful attraction enables the LYT2404 wheeled tractor to adapt to complex terrains and working conditions. Whether it's rugged farmland, slopes, or muddy construction sites, they can provide sufficient traction and stability to ensure the smooth progress of work.

3. Improving work efficiency: Having strong appeal can help the LYT2404 wheel tracker complete tasks more efficiently. They can complete tasks in a shorter time, complete more tasks in a shorter time, and reduce the time cost of cultivation, harvesting, excavation, and other operations. This is crucial for agricultural production and engineering construction.

4. Increase safety: The powerful attraction can improve the stability and control of the LYT2404 wheeled tractor, and increase the safety of the operator and surrounding personnel. When handling heavy objects or working on unstable terrain, stronger traction can reduce the risk of slipping, slipping, or losing control, and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

5. Provide versatility: The LYT2404 wheeled tractor, due to its powerful appeal, can be used for various tasks and applications. In addition to traditional agricultural operations, it can also be used in fields such as earthworks, construction, and road maintenance. This makes large tractors multifunctional engineering machinery, providing a wider range of applications.

Product Details

1. Fashionable exterior design, customizable colors and trademarks, and your exclusive LYT2404 wheel tractor.

2. The oversized rear wheels provide greater traction and torque, making it easy to handle various complex working environments.

3. A multifunctional high-definition display screen that displays key dashboard information such as fuel level, temperature, voltage, etc., ensuring that the tractor is within its normal operating range.

4. The reverse image can provide a better view and reference for the tractor, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.

5. A spacious cab can provide drivers with a more comfortable working environment, reduce work fatigue, and improve work efficiency.

6. The fully enclosed cab provides a safer working environment for the driver, reducing the impact and harm of the external environment on the driver. Product advantages.

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