2 Ton Mini excavators
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2 Ton Mini excavators

Shandong Luyu International Heavy Industry is a professional production and export enterprise integrating the design, development and production of various types of heavy machinery. Such as excavators, loaders, tractors, etc. The factory is located in Yantai City, Shandong Province, with convenient transportation. Among them, LZ-20 2 Ton Mini Crawler Excavators is one of the main products promoted by Shandong Luyu International Heavy Industry. The shape of LZ-20 2 Ton Mini excavators adopts a unique patented streamlined appearance with a small tailless design, which is well received by domestic and foreign buyers. Likes and reviews.

Model: LZ-20

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Product Description

The small tailless design of the 2 ton mini excavator makes the mini excavator have excellent maneuverability. Its tail does not extend beyond the track of the frame, so it is more convenient to operate in a small job site or in a limited space. The small tailless design allows the excavator to turn and move freely in narrow streets, between buildings or other restricted spaces, improving operational flexibility and efficiency. Not only that, the small tailless design of the LZ-20 2 Ton Mini excavators enables the entire body to rotate in all directions, that is, 360-degree rotation. Compared with traditional excavators that need to move the entire body for steering, small tailless excavators can rotate in situ without requiring additional space. This ability makes it easier for the mini excavator to turn and adjust its position in a narrow area, greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of the operation. In addition, the small tailless design can reduce the risk of collision with the surrounding environment. It is safer when operating in a narrow space and can avoid collisions with walls, obstacles or other equipment.

LZ-20 2 Ton Mini Crawler Excavators Specifications





Bucket capacity


Excavation height


Excavation depth


Unloading height


Ground clearance


Wheel spacing


Chassis width




Radius of gyration


Bucket width


track width 


Track length


Transport length


Full vehicle height


Overall size


Vertical excavation depth


Ground excavation radius


Bulldozer lift height


The overall size of the LZ-20 2 Ton Mini excavators is 2300*1150*2150MM. It is worth noting that the crawler tracks of this model are optional. When you need to enter a narrow space, you can narrow the track width. When you are doing construction, you can widen the track width, which will be more stable. If you are clear about your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, and we will recommend the most suitable configuration and selection for you.

Product Advantages

The rotary motor and hydraulic motor used by LZ-20 2 Ton Mini excavators are American Eaton motors, with stable quality and low failure rate. The engine can also be equipped with multiple brands, such as Kubota, yanmar, koop, etc. The seat is also upgraded to Upholstered seats, seat belts with headrests, armrests, etc. and four-way adjustable, safe and comfortable, reduce the driver's fatigue after long hours of work, and improve work efficiency. At the same time, LZ-20 2 Ton Mini excavators are equipped with modular cast iron rear counterweights, making the body more stable, digging more powerfully, with high protection levels and more beautiful appearance. This model is also equipped with an electronic display with various functions such as timer, pressure gauge, and voltmeter, making operation easier and more convenient.

Function Introduction

LZ-20 2 Ton Mini excavators is one of the main products promoted by Luyu Heavy Industry. We have equipped this model with a hydraulic pilot system as standard. The hydraulic pilot system uses hydraulic components and electronic controllers to enable precise control and regulation. By adjusting the opening and flow of the hydraulic valve, the speed, force and position of the actuator can be precisely controlled. It has greater flexibility and can realize precise control under various working conditions. Therefore, the hydraulic pilot system has lower requirements on the driver's operation, is easier to use, and is more gentle and labor-saving in operation, with higher work efficiency. LZ-20 2 Ton Mini excavators are fully hydraulically controlled in the true sense, with all hydraulic controls such as big and small arm operations, crushing, and dozing. After shutting down, the handle and pedals are operated, and all parts do not release pressure or fall, which is safe and reliable.

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