2.5 Ton Mini Excavators
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2.5 Ton Mini Excavators

Luyu International Heavy Industry is LY-25 2.5 Ton Mini Excavators manufacturing factory with a professional R&D team. It has obtained multiple patents in mini excavators, tractors and loaders. It is a leading domestic enterprise in China and has obtained ISO9001 and CE certificates, quality management system In line with international standards, product quality is more trustworthy. It is a high-quality Chinese mini excavator supplier and your best choice for purchasing excavators and other earth-moving machinery.

Model: LY-25

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Product Description

In terms of product quality, Luyu International Heavy Industry has a strict control and inspection process. In the initial design stage of the excavator, designers will use computer-aided design and simulation technology to predict and optimize the performance, structure and durability of the excavator. In terms of raw material and component procurement, Luyu Heavy Industry has established long-term cooperative relationships with reliable suppliers. Conduct strict supplier evaluation and quality audits to ensure that suppliers' products meet requirements, while overseeing the quality control process of the supply chain. During the production process, we will implement strict production technology and process control to ensure that every link meets specifications and standards. The workshop has also been upgraded to a machine workshop, using robots to replace manual work, laser cutting and machine welding, making it more accurate and efficient. . When the excavator is completed, we will also use testing equipment and tools to inspect key parts and the quality of the entire machine to ensure that there are no quality problems before packaging and shipping the product to your address.

LY-25 2.5 Ton Mini Excavators Parameters

Overall dimension (L*W*H)


Axle base(Track length on ground)


Track gauge


Minimum Ground clearance


Swing radius at tail


Maximum Digging height


Maximum Dumping height


Maximum Digging depth


Maximum Vertical digging depth


Maximum Digging radius


Minimum swing radius


Maximum Lifting height of blade


Maximum Cutting depth of blade


Boom swing angle(Left/Right)


Standard Bucket capacity


Swing speed


Maximum Grade ability


Maximum Bucket digging force


Maximum Arm digging force


Hydraulic system pressure


Machine weight


The overall size of the 2.5-ton micro-excavator is 4170mm*1300mm*2280mm. The boom of this small excavator can rotate in both directions, but the left-handed angle is 70°, and the right-handed angle is 50°. This is because the boom needs to be unilateral Support, which will be more stable and help to improve the stability and operational safety of the excavator. If you have clarified your work content, you can contact us and send it to our technical team, we will recommend the most suitable configuration and model selection for you.

Product Features

The 2.5-ton mini excavator is in the middle size range among small excavators, with a moderate size. It has the characteristics of flexibility of small excavators, and the configuration will be more upgraded. For example, the chassis will be wider than smaller excavators, which can provide better With stability and balance, it is more reliable to work on uneven or rough terrain. The 2.5-ton mini excavator is also equipped with a variety of attachments, such as grabs, buckets, breakers, etc., so that it can cope with various work needs , such as digging, leveling, etc., this versatility also makes it a versatile tool. The cab of the 2.5-ton excavator has also been upgraded from an open cabin to a closed cabin, which improves the safety of the driver at work, and the cab can be equipped with an air conditioner, which will provide the driver with a comfortable Work environment, reduce fatigue, improve work efficiency. This is especially important for drivers who operate excavators for a long time. It can be seen that the 2.5-ton small excavator not only has a humanized operation control system, but also can meet various work needs, and Luyu International Heavy Industry has stricter quality control of products, so when you need a small When it comes to excavators, it is a good choice to buy from Luyu International Heavy Industry.

Product Details

The bucket is flexible in operation and has a quick-installation system that can easily install various attachments.

The crawler is made of wear-resistant rubber material, which has a longer service life. The retractable crawler function is optional, and the construction is more stable.

Easy maintenance mode, the rear cover has a large opening and closing angle, making it convenient for maintenance personnel to inspect and repair.

The two-way rotation function of the boom can better adapt to different working needs and terrain conditions.

The closed working cabin can be equipped with an air conditioner to provide a more comfortable and safe working environment for the driver.

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