1.8 Ton Mini Excavators
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1.8 Ton Mini Excavators

The LY-18 1.8 Ton Mini Excavators independently designed and developed by Luyu machinery, compared with the same type of mini excavators of other brands, the chassis of LY-18 has been strengthened, so that the mini excavator can move and work on different terrains, increasing stability and maneuverability sex. Imported hydraulic parts are used to improve the working efficiency and stability of the excavator. The overall use of thickened steel for the machine effectively reduces failure rates and maintenance costs. Luyu machinery focuses on manufacturing. Our mini excavator has been exported to most countries in Europe and America, ensuring high-quality products and keeping the lowest price.

Model: LY-18

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Product Description

If your mini excavator often encounters track breakage, slow movement, and frequent maintenance, then you need to consider buying a high-quality mini excavator that suits you

The engine of LY-18 1.8 Ton Mini Excavators is the main component, using brand engine, Laidong KM385B, 19.1kW. Strong power, low fuel consumption, energy saving and emission reduction, low noise, even if it works in the city, it will not be affected.

Strengthen the chassis. The chassis is usually composed of crawlers, drives, steering gears, etc. The crawler is the main part of the mini excavator and consists of a series of track shoes, sprockets and guide wheels. The track shoe is responsible for bearing the weight of the excavator and providing traction, the sprocket drives the track movement, and the guide wheel controls the direction of the track. The design of the crawler can make the excavator drive on different terrains, such as muddy and rough terrain, which can ensure the stability and traction of the excavator

Using imported hydraulic parts, high-quality hydraulic parts can improve the working efficiency and stability of the excavator, and at the same time have a longer service life, better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which can prolong the service life of hydraulic parts and reduce Frequency of replacement and repair.

Conforms to international standards and norms, has higher quality and safety, can improve the stability and safety of the excavator, and reduce the occurrence of failures and accidents.

The adjustable track can adapt to different terrains. The adjustable track can be adjusted according to the hardness and slope of the ground to reduce damage to the ground. The adjustable track can maintain the stability of the machine and reduce the shaking and bumping of the machine during work. This is especially important for tasks that require high-precision work, such as excavating shallow tunnels, laying pipes accurately.

LY-18 1.8 Ton Mini Excavators use thickened steel, thickened steel has higher strength and wear resistance, can withstand greater impact and friction, thereby reducing wear and damage of the machine, improving the durability and Long service life, increase the weight and stability of the machine, avoid the machine from tipping over or tilting due to the unstable center of gravity during work, thickened steel can also reduce the failure rate of the machine, and reduce the maintenance time and cost of the machine.

LY-18 is a high-end mini excavator, and its high-efficiency operation ability also brings a lot of convenience to the fields of construction, gardening, municipal administration and agriculture.

LY-18 1.8 Ton Mini Excavators specifications

Working weight


Maximum discharge height


Bucket capacity


Maximum vertical excavation




Maximum excavation radius




Rotation speed




Climb the hill


Minimum ground clearance


Maximum excavation force

11 kN

Maximum excavation height


Track distance


Maximum depth of excavation


Minimum radius of rotation


In order to better meet the user's work needs, the data specifications of LY-18 1.8 Ton Mini Crawler excavator can be adjusted, and the configuration can also be added.

LY-18 1.8 Ton Mini Excavators Application

Construction site: LY-18 1.8 Ton Mini Excavators can be used for various excavation, excavation, shoveling, leveling, cleaning and other work on the construction site, such as digging tunnels, foundations, drainage ditches, cement concrete pavement, etc.

Agricultural production: It can be used for land consolidation, irrigation channel excavation, and farmland drainage ditch excavation in agricultural production.

Conventional demolition: The breaker can be used for conventional demolition work, such as demolishing walls, demolishing concrete structures, breaking cement pavements, etc.

The auger can be used in various work scenarios such as foundation treatment, tree planting, building foundation engineering, and underground water conservancy engineering.

LY-18 1.8 Ton Mini Crawler excavators have a wide range of application scenarios and can be used in various construction, agriculture, municipal, garden, mining, water conservancy and other fields.

Product Details

Engine: A diesel engine that provides power, usually located at the rear of the excavator, can drive components such as hydraulic systems and crawlers, and adopts a diesel engine, which has the characteristics of low noise, low emission, and high efficiency. The quality and performance of the engine directly affect the overall performance of the excavator

Operating room: the cab of the excavator, usually located in the center of the excavator, with seats, control levers, instrument panels and other equipment inside, through which the driver can control the various operations of the excavator.

Hydraulic system: It consists of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, fuel tanks, oil pipes and other components, used to transmit and control the power of the excavator, and drive various actuators to complete operations such as excavation and shoveling.

Tracks: Tracks made of rubber that are attached to the excavator's chassis to support and move the excavator.

Operating rods and attachments: operated by the operating rods, the attachments such as buckets, breakers, drills and other attachments connected to the hydraulic system are used for excavation, shoveling, crushing, drilling and other operations.

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