1.7 Ton Mini Excavators
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1.7 Ton Mini Excavators

The most cost-effective 1.7 Ton Mini excavators are manufactured and sold by Luyu Heavy Industry. Luyu Group has more than 20 years of experience in machinery production. Its products have first-class performance and favorable prices. They are exported to all over the world and have won unanimous praise from customers in various countries.

Model: LZ-17

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Product Description

The 1.7-ton mini excavator is more practical, more flexible for large excavators, and more convenient for transportation. For smaller excavators, it has stronger grip and higher work efficiency. The 1.7 Ton Mini excavators is relatively small in size and has good maneuverability and flexibility. It is suitable for operating environments in small spaces or complex terrain, and can operate flexibly in limited spaces. Due to the small tail swing design, it can be easily loaded onto a trailer or truck for transportation, reducing logistics costs and transportation difficulties. If you need a mini excavator that can be used in farm work, house construction, pipeline work, etc., then the 1.7 ton mini excavator will be a very good choice.

1.7 Ton Mini excavators Specification





Bucket capacity


Excavation height


Excavation depth


Unloading height


Ground clearance


Wheel spacing


Chassis width




Radius of gyration


Bucket width


track width 


Track length


Transport length


Full vehicle height


Overall size


Vertical excavation depth


Ground excavation radius


Bulldozer lift height






Bucket capacity


Excavation height


The overall size of the 1.7-ton mini excavator is 2200*940*2150mm, and the standard engine is koop192F. Of course, you can also choose other types of engines, such as Kubota, yanmar, etc. If you are clear about your work content, you can Contact us and send it to our technical team, we will recommend the most suitable configuration and selection for you.

Product Features

1. Moderate size: Compared with large excavators, LZ17 1.7 ton mini excavator is smaller and lighter, making it easy to operate and move in small spaces or limited construction sites.

2. Strong maneuverability: Due to its compact size and small tail swing design, the 1.7-ton excavator has good maneuverability and can flexibly turn and operate to adapt to the needs of different operating environments.

3. Easy to operate: Compared with large excavators, the 1.7-ton excavator is relatively simple to operate, easy to get started, and convenient to operate. It is suitable for users who do not have experience in operating large excavators.

4. Versatility: Despite its small size, the 1.7-ton excavator still has certain excavation capabilities and can handle some basic excavation and leveling work. At the same time, it can also be equipped with various attachments, such as buckets, claws, etc. to provide more functions and flexibility.

5. Cost-effective: Small excavators generally have lower fuel consumption and operating costs. For small and medium-sized projects, using a small excavator can complete the task more cost-effectively.

6. Strong adaptability: small excavators can adapt to various engineering projects and operating environments, including construction, road maintenance, agriculture, gardening, etc. It can be used for operations in small spaces and can also adapt to the requirements of different terrains and working conditions.

Product Maintenance

To prolong the service life of the excavator, regular cleaning and maintenance is a necessary task

1. The whole car needs to be maintained for the first time after 200 hours of use, and then every 80 hours, and the pin shaft and steel sleeve are buttered every 8 hours.

2. Regular cleaning: Regularly clean the external and internal parts of the mini excavator, including the fuselage, engine, hydraulic system, etc. Remove accumulated dust, mud and other debris to prevent clogging and corrosion.

3. Check and replace filters: Regularly check and clean or replace air filters, fuel filters and hydraulic oil filters.

4. Inspection of tires and tracks: Regularly check the wear of tires or tracks to ensure their good working condition.

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