1.6 Ton Mini Excavators
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1.6 Ton Mini Excavators

Luyu machinery is one of the 1.6 Ton Mini Excavators machinery manufacturers in China, with advanced production facilities and technical teams, dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of various construction machinery equipment, including Mini excavator, luyu machinery adopts advanced manufacturing technology and quality Control system to ensure the high quality and reliability of products. At the same time pay attention to after-sales service, provide comprehensive technical support and maintenance services. They have established an extensive sales and service network around the world to ensure that customers can get support and help in a timely manner.

Model: LZ-16

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Product Description

The 1.6 Ton Mini Excavators is a small construction machinery. With the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous advancement of infrastructure construction, the demand for small construction machinery and equipment continues to grow. Luyu Machinery is a manufacturer of mini excavator, providing users with high-quality mini excavator, in order to better support our dealers and users, 1.6 tons mini excavator is in stock, if you want to get the machine as soon as possible, we can provide the fastest delivery. And provide users with 1 year warranty.

The 1.6-ton mini excavator is also versatile and can be equipped with various attachments and tools to meet the needs of different engineering tasks. If you want to sell or rent a 1.6 ton mini excavator near you, this is one of your best options.

The following is the specification of 1.6 ton mini excavator, which is the standard specification data. luyu machinery can modify the data according to the needs of users, and match the best choice according to the work content, which can effectively increase the efficiency of the machine.

Working weight


Wheel spacing


Bucket capacity


Chassis Width




Rubber Width




Rubber Length


Minimum Dumping height


Bucket Width


Minimum Excavation depth


Vehicle height


Maximum excavation height


Vehicle size


Ground clearance


Radius of gyration


The 1.6 Ton Mini Excavators can be equipped with various accessories and tools, such as bucket, pile driver, breaker, etc., to meet the needs of different engineering tasks. Whether it's digging, shoveling, piling or breaking, it's up to the task. This versatility makes the mini excavator a versatile construction machinery equipment that can adapt to the needs of different industries and engineering projects.

Compared with large excavators, the 1.6-ton mini excavator is smaller in size and lighter in weight, so it has excellent mobility and portability. It can easily enter tight working spaces, such as city streets, indoor construction sites, and narrow farm fields, for various digging and loading tasks.

High flexibility due to compact design. It can be rotated 360 degrees and has a good turning radius, allowing it to move and operate freely in narrow areas. This flexibility makes it excellent in construction tasks in tight spaces and complex environments.

The control system of the 1.6 ton mini excavator is relatively simple, easy to learn and operate. If the driver has no operating experience, our sales team will provide you with an operation video, and the operator only needs to receive basic training to get started. If the driver has operating experience, you will find that this machine is very easy to operate. Equipped with an intuitive console and a humanized control lever, the operation is more convenient and precise. This reduces operator training costs

Whether it is a construction site, road construction, farmland reclamation or municipal engineering, the 1.6-ton mini excavator can show its powerful role.

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