0.8 Ton Mini Excavators
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0.8 Ton Mini Excavators

Luyu Machinery is one of the 0.8 Ton Mini Excavators manufacturers in China. The Mini excavator produced is a small construction machine that travels on crawlers. Compared with traditional large excavators, the 0.8-ton mini crawler excavator is smaller in size and lighter in weight. It can be transported with a trailer. The cost of buying or leasing a mini excavator will be lower, effectively replacing the expensive cost of labor. The operation of the mini excavator is relatively simple, and beginners can also easily operate it. We will provide customers with maintenance manuals and operating instructions to make everything easier.

Model: LZ-08

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Product Description

The definition of 0.8 Ton Mini Excavators be different for different brands, countries and manufacturers. Normally, the weight of the mini excavator is 0.5 tons to 8 tons. The 0.8 ton mini crawler excavator manufactured by Luyu machinery is a small, flexible, efficient, multi-functional, easy-to-operate, safe and reliable construction machinery, this weight is excellent in small engineering. Equipped with a hydraulic system, it has various functions, such as excavation, shoveling, leveling, etc., and is capable of various light construction tasks. Because of its small size and weight, it is easy to transport and can be carried by a small truck or trailer. When purchasing 0.8 Ton Mini Crawler excavators, you need to pay attention to the price and after-sales service. Different manufacturers have different after-sales services. The warranty period of LZ-08 0.8 Ton Mini Crawler excavators is 1 year, and the warranty covers the core parts and main parts of the machine. We provide machine repair and maintenance manuals, and provide customers with original spare parts. Professional technical team and sales team provide you with technical support to solve problems in the use of the machine.

If you want to sell and lease mini excavator near your city, know the manufacturer’s service content and product quality before buying, choose a reliable manufacturer and high-quality mini excavator to ensure you have a continuously growing business profit

LZ-08 0.8 Ton Mini Excavators specifications




Koop 192F

Rated Power:


Bucket Capacity:

0.02 m³

Operating Weight:


Digging Height:


Dumping Height:


digging depth


unloading height


Ground clearance




chassis width


Radius radius


Bucket width


track width


track length


transport length


vehicle size


This is the standard specification of LZ-08 0.8 Ton Mini Crawler excavator. The specification data can also be adjusted according to customer requirements to achieve the best working effect. luyu machinery is a factory that can guarantee low price while the product is high quality.

0.8 Ton Mini Excavators Application

LZ-08 0.8 Ton Mini Crawler excavator exerts great advantages in small earthmoving operations, excavating drains, ditches, shallow foundations, concrete floors

The small and flexible features make it easy to enter narrow workspaces for operations, such as narrow roads, inside buildings or city parks.

LZ-08 0.8 Ton Mini Crawler excavator is used for landscaping, with high operation precision, it can accurately excavate, level, shovel, etc., and can ensure the beauty and cleanliness of the garden landscape. It can be used for excavating flower beds, lawns, ponds and other places, and it can be transported by different buckets and accessories. In landscaping construction, construction work is required, such as building flower beds, sidewalks, stone paths, etc., the 0.8 ton mini excavator can use different attachments for construction work.

The scope of application of LZ-08 0.8 Ton Mini Crawler excavator in building demolition is mainly to remove structures such as walls and ground, remove pipes, wires and other facilities, excavate foundations, transport waste materials, clean up construction waste, and crush concrete and stone. It can improve work efficiency and reduce costs, and is one of the indispensable important equipment in building demolition.

The 0.8 ton mini excavator is suitable for many work scenarios, the above are just some common ones, because of its cheap price and high quality, it is loved by the majority of users

0.8 Ton Mini Excavators Details

1.Various Construction machinery accessories such as excavation, crushing, drilling, bulldozing,

grabbing,etc.can be selected to realize

multi-purpose of one machine

2.Adopt imported

hydraulic parts, stable performance

3.Reinforced rubber track for more durability

4.Short tail design, small turning radius, suitable for narrow space operations

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